Friday, March 24, 2006

Artsy Fartsy and Full of Thanks

I have been working a “day job” to support my acting habit for the last several months. I am uber-thankful for it, as it pays the bills and keeps me from being a starving actress. But sometimes I feel like such a fish-out-of-water! Kinda the way I felt in high school algebra class…I’m making the grade, but it feels so unnatural! I mean, seriously, does the woman pictured above look like she has any business doing analysis on home loans? Trust me, she doesn't. It is only by the sheer grace of God that I am working in this capacity.

I am a creative, right-brained person whose soul longs to express itself through artisitic mediums—acting, singing, writing, and photography. That’s just how God hard-wired me, and I feel most alive when doing those things.

I guess I’m just feeling grateful in this moment for my blog! Over the last couple months, it has been my principal place for creative expression, my little corner of the world to sound off and be heard--which leads me to the next thing I’m thankful for…YOU!!!…for being there to hear me. It’s nice to know that my thoughts aren’t just landing in the silent ether of cyberspace, but that you friends who stop by to take a look at my daily posts are there to hear me. What a gift! Thank you.


Buttercup said...

Hey Star Shine, Thanks for your comment on my blog! It's nice to know someone else has gone through the future/moving pain. I also liked what you said about what your blog means to you. I feel similarly. AND, I have to add that I too love Parent Trap. I was watching it yesterday and graciously switched the channel b/c my boyfriend just HAD to see the Pistons game. I decided on the spot that I was long overdue for purchasing the film. Lindsay, not Hallie (sp?)

Autumn's Mom said...

I never thought I'd get into this blog thing. I'm not into writing that much. But it's become so addicting. :) And I never thought I'd make any new friends out here..just maybe entertain the 4 I have already. But look at us now :D Happy Friday!

KC said...

Tracy, thanks for dropping by my blog. I have an immense respect for performing artists. More power to you! I hope you meet and exceed all your artistic goals!

If you're ever in St. Louis, drop me a note at the blog and I'll make sure to get you all the theatre info you need so you can check out what's going on here in town!

Cherry said...

I feel the same way about my work. I got into analyst work on accident and I just keep doing it because I'm ok at it and the money is good, but whenever I do anything creative I thrive.
Good for you for sticking to your creative desires. Good luck and don't ever sell yourself over to the world of business if it means forsaking your love for the arts.

BTW - after your post yesterday I can't stop thinking about fondue. Thanks! ;-)

A Holy Fool said...


You're not alone. Color me one of the creatives that feels most alive creating!

Thanks for visiting my blog, btw!