Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thirteen Things That Inspire Me

Last week, some of my fellow bloggers did a post called the "Thursday Thirteen" in which you can write about thirteen anythings. So today, I'm writing about thirteen things that inspire me.

1.) The Bible - It is the very word of God. His words speak truth into my life, and that inspires me to live a life that is pleasing to Him, (and hopefully one that brings Him glory).

2.) My Mom - She inspires me in more ways than I have room to write about here. Last night, I was telling some friends that I hope that when I am a parent I will be able to find the balance that my mom seemed to find so effortlessly when raising us--the balance between giving my kids freedom and boundaries. Somehow, Mom did this beautifully. Her boundaries made me feel safe, not stifled. And the freedom she gave me helped to give me wings! Thanks, Mom! I love you!

3.) My Dad - He is such a trooper. He has been fighting a years-long battle with cancer. He called me on Monday to say that a CT scan has revealed 12-15 tumors in his body. (See yesterday's post.) He faces the battles straight-on and fights so hard every time he gets more bad news. This is the most serious news he has heard. When he told me about how he will face this, he said that he will be getting out his Bible to read "my Job". I listened in quiet amazement as he said that. He relates to the suffering of Job because of his own physical suffering so much that he calls the book "my Job". Wow. I love you, Dad!

4.) Elle Woods - She inspires me to be my own person.

5.) Broadway shows - Especially the musicals. They lift my spirits and inspire me to follow my acting dreams.

6.) pain - I'm not saying I like it, but I will say it inspires my creativity. Some of the best songs I've written were inspired by painful moments or seasons.

7.) My friend Deb - I haven't seen her for years, but the year when we were both living in the same city was such a blessing. Deb had a special relationship with God. Spending time with her was like spending time with Jesus. His character so filled her!

8.) The Olympics - I am inspired by people who give so much of their lives to excellence at one particular thing. Seeing the glory of victory and the agony of defeat pulls on my heartstrings.

9.) Authenticity - One example of an authentic person is Shaun Groves. He is a Christian singer who is so authentic. He's not out there trying to put on a happy face. He is real. And he keeps it real on his blog.

10.) My Blog Buddies - (Hi, y'all!) They are my fellow bloggers who I read daily and who come to my blog. You are such an encouragement to me, and it is great to blog our journeys together. Maybe for next week's Thursday Thirteen, I'll do thirteen blogs I like to read!

11.) Princess Leia, apparently. She inspired today's hairstyle. Don't you like the lovely lighting of my office ladies room? It gives me that "dewy" look.

12.) The Sound of Music - 'nuff said!

13.) Carol Burnett - She is a comic genious. Her career has had such longevity. I would love to model my career after hers. She's done Broadway, film, and television. And she's just so enjoyable to watch!!!


CB said...

thanks for the comment.

On your list of 13, I don't know what to say... Elle Woods makes #4? You put Carol Burnette under her?

I don't know...

Tracy said...

They were not ranked in any particular order...but, come on, Elle Woods is REALLY cool!

Ally Bean said...

that's a great thursday thirteen list idea-- and list.

love #9. couldn't agree more. better to be than to seem.

Autumn's Mom said...

Love the pic Tracy. You ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Nice work. I'm especially down with Princess Leia. I was, after all, an adolescent during Return of the Jedi.

Don Boscoe said...

when i got to number 11 i said to myself "Where in the world is Carol Burnet!?!?!?!?!" then you saved her for last...I was excited.

And for once i agree with Cach...Amen with Princess Leia...

And nice pic!!

jilly said...

I'm assuming I'm #14. After all, other family members, a friend, and three celebrities made the ranks. Maybe I'll be on the Friday Fourteen. I felt like our dance routines on the picnic table were quite inspiring. :)

Tracy said...


You're in a league of your own! I love you, sissy! I feel a blog post coming on...something about White Christmas and "Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...."