Wednesday, May 31, 2006

thirteen things i will now go buy at the grocery store so that tomorrow night's dinner won't be the same as tonight's--peanut butter and ritz crackers

Shopping my way to better health. A food list by Tracy (made on Thursday eve).

cottage cheese
egg beaters
carrot juice
tomato basil soup
hummus and veggie sticks
a bell pepper
whole fruit popsickles (gotta have dessert!)

Feel free to ask me if I really buy this stuff. Accountability is a good thing, right?

Disclaimer: I am not in any way dissing peanut butter. As my blog buddy Forky pointed out, peanut butter is one of the best things ever!


Cherry said...

Mmmm Peanut Butter!
My breakfast today was peanut butter on a banana. It's not pretty to watch, but it sure is yummy. (I'll have the Ritz crackers for my afternoon snack)

Happy Shopping!

J said...

Mmmm. Nice list. :) So healthy, which is a good thing. Enjoy!

Ever try peanut butter and honey on 1/2 a toasted whole wheat bagel for breakfast? With some fruit on the side, it's mighty satisfying!

Forky said...

It's TRUE! Of course, it must be organic! I stirred my latest jar so much that now when I take it out of the fridge, it's like that expensive "whipped" peanut butter--only better for you and better tasting!

Queen, III said...

That's a pretty good list. I am a horrible grocery shopper!! You sound so organized!!

Miss Nibbles said...

I think that list sounds perfect...

...for a rabbit. (hee hee)

Miss Nibbles

Anonymous said...

Good on you, girl. And I must echo the support for organic peanut butter. Long live!

Don Boscoe said...

Wait a minute...there's no meat on that I the only one in the world that likes meat anymore??? Am i the only Texan left on the internet that will eat a large hunk of steak???

other than that the list sounds tastey

Buttercup said...

Very impressive list. I make similar lists and I buy the items, but the problem I have is putting it all together into a meal. Dinners are basically impossible to plan. I've been thinking I need to learn how to cook healthy easy fast things... do share if you have any tips.

P.S. I lOVE peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwiches. They are so satisfying, I don't even crave chocolate after them.