Monday, May 22, 2006

Too Much of a Good Thing

I'm uncomfortably full right now from eating way too much Tex-Mex for dinner tonight.

Sis and I went to our favorite childhood restaurant. It is still just as yummy as ever. Mmmm. There came a point in the meal when we both knew we had eaten quite enough, but we just kept on pushing through because it was so good.

Too much of a good thing has left us feeling ... ugh. I'm too full to think of the right word.

Gluttony has gotten the best of me. I think I'm gonna just go sleep it off.

Good night!


Queen, III said...
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Queen, III said...

I can certainly understand that! But way to push through the pain. That took guts...or a gut...

Anonymous said...

Too much of a good thing? No such thing. Do it again tonight.