Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And the Daytime Emmy for Best Melodramatic Perfomance at Work Goes to...

I am typically a pretty relaxed, laid-back person. But when I feel a lot of stress mounting, I'm like a pressure cooker, and when that top pops, it ain't pretty.

I came back to work today after being home sick for the past couple days with the flu. Having the flu stunk, but it did provide a nice vacation from work. I knew today wasn't getting off to a good start when I cried before I'd even been there for two hours.

I was wading through two days of e-mails and had a slightly curt one from a woman informing me that she left me a voicemail yesterday and hadn't heard back from me yet. There is a problem with some data. Oh, even writing about data problems sounds so boring, I want to ggoooo tttooooooooooooooo *zzzzzz*.

Anywho, I explain the situation to my coworker, who patiently explains to me that I've been interpretting data the wrong way on a project that I've been working on for the past month. At that point, I politely told my coworker and my boss, "I need to excuse myself to go cry now." I briskly walked out to the hallway. (And kids, I was wearing high-heeled black boots today, so I'm sure my strides had attitude.) I got out to the hallway, and a lovely string of curse words flowed past my lips like rusty water from a country faucet. And then, with much dramatic flair, I kicked open the ladies room door, made my way to my favorite big stall, locked the door, and did that thing where you lean against the wall and slowly slide down it in melodramatic fashion as the waterworks began. Seriously, if this job isn't preparing me to win my first Daytime Emmy, I don't know what is! Thankfully, no one else was in the john (except for my imaginary, adoring fans who all threw roses at my feet as I drenched them with my tears). It was beautiful. Really.

After I gave my fans a memorable acceptance speech, I took my Emmy to the sink where I splashed cold water on my face and returned to my computer. The rest of the day at work was fairly uneventful.

I think that rewarding myself with a bowl of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Icecream was the right thing to do. Don't you?


Ally Bean said...

Oh, yes, all imaginary daytime emmy winners eat a bowl of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream to celebrate! Smart thinking.

Sounds like a stressful day. Glad you made it through it in one piece.

Autumn's Mom said...

The good news is tomorrow is FRIDAY! I hope your week ends on a good note. I voted for you and that Emmy ;)

J said...

So, I have to know...did they know this whole time that you had been making that mistake? Because it might have been nice if someone had told you.

I can definately relate to your job situation, because I get very grumpy, and the work itself is snoozariffic. Sorry.

I keep thinking of opening a pony farm, with maybe a library attached...want to add a community theater and come along?

Tracy said...


No, they didn't know the whole time I was making that mistake...THAT would just be wrong! And thankfully, it wasn't as big an error to correct as I thought it would be. In fact, all is now well with that situation.

As for the pony farm/library/theatre, sounds like an interesting venture! ;) Can we use your ponies whenever we do plays that call for barnyard animals? Thanks!

Maya's Granny said...

Let me offer you hot fudge, a banana, and your choice of cashews or walnuts (or both) for your ice cream.

Can I visit when you use J's ponies on stage? Please, huh? Huh?

Queen, III said...

Wow! If I had a nickel for every melodramatic bathroom moment I had just exactly like that. I'd be a thousandaire. Serioulsy. I have one at least once a week! It's a cleansing process.

Anonymous said...

I think you earned two bowls.