Friday, September 08, 2006

It's in the Air!

Last night, as I was walking to my car after dinner, I noticed a chill in the air. Fog was rolling in, and I wished I had a jacket. My teeth started chattering as I said good-bye to my friend.

This morning, I drove to work with overcast skies, and there was still a chilly crispness to the air. Could it be that summer is over? I got on when I sat down to my desk, and it informed me that the high today is only going to be 75 degrees, and that for the next week, the temperature is not to rise over 80.

Autumn has long been my favorite season of the year. I love turtlenecks and blue jeans, colorful leaves, and taking long walks outside without breaking a sweat.

Part of the reason I wanted to move to southern California was for the temperate climate. As much as I love Texas, the 5-6 months of the year spent in 90+ degree weather just doesn't agree with me. So naturally, my first summer in LA has been one of the hottest summers LA has seen in over a decade.

But things are looking up today! Fall is in the air! I can feel it, and it makes my heart feel tranquilo.

Other notable people who love autumn:

My Dad - When I graduated from acting school, I got my first professional job doing a musical called How the West was Won at a gorgeous amphitheatre in Utah. Dad came out to see me perform. It meant so much that he made the trip out to see me. I remember taking a day trip to Zion National Park. It was a crisp autumn day and the leaves were turning. We both enjoyed taking in the beauty of nature. And I remember both of us remarking that autumn is our favorite season. Just a simple moment that is fond to me.

My blog buddy, Autumn's Mom...she loves autumn so much, she named her daughter after this fabulous season!


Autumn's Mom said...

I'm with you Tracy. Bring on the Autumn. It is also chilly up here and I can see the fog in the distance. The high for today is 79. Time to get out my fuzzy slippers!!

Have a great weekend!

Autumn's Mom said...

You are too cute. Thanks for the mention. *smooches*

Ally Bean said...

You've hit the nail on the head about why I like autumn so much. It's tranquil. I never thought of that before.

Cherry said...

Not carrying about the lack of professional image, I came into the office today with an XL hooded sweatshirt from High School (circa 1990).

It was so comforting to walk to the office from the train station, sucking in as much of the crisp air as I could get (before heading into the stale air of the office building).

J said...

I love Autumn, too. Such a relief to be away from the HEAT.

Rhea said...

Autumn is coming to New England, too. Yesterday was hot -- like summer. Today was so chilly you needed a sweater to go out. The redeeming fact is that in a few weeks I will travel up to Vermont and see the brilliant fall foliage...