Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thirteen What Ifs

What if...

-ice cream were good for you?
-money really did grow on trees?
-we didn't live in a fallen world?
-a kiss could make it all better?
-your wildest dream came true?
-your deep, dark secret were out in the open and it no longer held you by its chains?
-you said what is really on your mind?
-guilt went away?
-love was always there all along?
-you took a big risk?
-you said, "I love you"?
-fear weren't a factor?
-you were overflowing with hope?


Autumn's Mom said...

How happy we would be. I like the whole money growing on trees thing. Do you think they'd sell those at Lowe's?

Maya's Granny said...

LOVE this Thursday 13. Thanks for making my day brighter. :) And yeah, I want one of those trees too.

J said...

Oops. That's my mom's ID up there. I'm logged in as her while she's out of town, so I can check her comments.

Ally Bean said...

I like your "what if's." Now could you make them happen for all of us. Please.

Cherry said...

Y'all can have my money tree if I can have your ice cream!

Buttercup said...

Hey - I missed this TT!

Um... I'd say the world would be pretty awesome. I especially like the letting go of deep dark secrets. In truth, there is freedom. No?