Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Life is beautiful.
Life is a gift.
Life has its moments of genuine bliss.
Life’s full of love, of heartache and pain.
Sometimes it hurts and there’s no one to blame.
Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry.
Sometimes I’m blah and I’ve no idea why.
See, life isn’t perfect,
And neither are we.
The road isn’t free from its bumps and debris.
We all need His grace,
That’s why He died.
No need to cover and no need to hide.
No need to pretend there aren’t bruises and scars.
God loves and accepts us the way that we are.


Autumn's Mom said...

You inspire me, I inspire you...we are a good team Tracy! Thanks for the encouring words.

Life is beautiful. Let us celebrate it!!

Laura said...