Monday, October 23, 2006

Stranded, But Not Alone

Today, I decided to run some headshots/resumes over to my agent's office on my lunch break. No problem! Jump in my car, drop them off, jump back in car. Be back at work all in about an hour.


After dropping them off, I got back in my car, and it was acting like it didn't want to start. Actually, it would start, but it would die when I put it into gear. Finally, I was able to get it gassed and in gear. I got on the highway to head back to work, and traffic was all backed up! I made it about a mile down the highway when all the lights on my dash came on as the car. done. died. Thankfully, I was able to move across one lane and cruise onto the shoulder where my car stopped all on it's own. No brakes needed!

*crying can now commence*

Here's my little "zipper"
sittin' pretty on the shoulder.

I realized some important things in this moment:

1.) My mother is a genius. I love, love, love her and want to publically thank her for telling me to sign up for Verizon's roadside assistance offer. All I had to do was dial *ROAD, and someone was on the line and had a tow truck coming my way. Just $2/month. And today, I didn't have to pay a cent!

2.) I have a wonderful boyfriend. He is in Florida on a business trip this week, but he stayed all calm with me on the phone while I had a mini emotional meltdown. He called me between meetings and texted me during meetings to make sure that I was okay. Thanks, eSuitor, for helping me through today's car crisis from all the way across the country.

3.) God has blessed me with some fabulous friends and family. It was such a comfort to have a cell phone with numbers of people I could call to ask to pray for me when I was scared.

Once I calmed down a bit and knew that a tow truck was on the way, I decided there was no way this kind of drama would come my way without getting some photo documentation to put it on my blog.

The tow truck came and took me safely to my auto shop. Once it was unloaded at the shop, it started to behave, and they couldn't find a thing wrong with it. Go fig. The Zipper is spending the night at the shop to go through some diagnostic testing. Tomorrow they will try to figure out what the problem is. In the meantime, I'm driving a rental that I got for a very reasonable price.

Now that the day is done, and I'm home safe and sound, I want to give thanks to God for keeping me safe and for providing for my needs today. Thank You, Lord!


beenzzz said...

Your Mom is indeed a wise woman. I'm glad you have such a wonderful support structure of friends and family. Your boyfriend sounds like an absolute sweetie!!! ;) Sorry about your car though.

Autumn's Mom said...

oooh Tough Day! Hope the Zipper is home soon and behaving again :)

Laura said...

Sorry about the Zipper. I hope it's healthy again soon.

Praise God for taking care of you though!

Laura said...

Sorry about the Zipper. I hope it's healthy again soon.

Praise God for taking care of you though!

Cherry said...

Ohhh.. Bad Zipper for scarying our Tracy! We know you didn't mean to, but next time, please don't get on the freeway if you are going to get stage fright.

Nice pix! Thanks for thinking of us during your crisis.

J said...

I can't believe the zipper got all healthy again at the one of those sick folks who say, "No, no, I'm all right" after they've passed out or something.

Glad you're OK, and that you realize that no matter the disaster, it's always GOOD FOR THE BLOG. ;)

jennster said...

i know that freeway.. and i miss it!