Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thirteen Things I Need to Accomplish While I'm Home

1. Find seamstress to do wedding dress alterations.

2. Pick out bridesmaids' dresses.*

3. Meet with the minister to discuss our wedding ceremony.

4. Pick out flowers.

5. And table linens for the reception.

6. And wedding cake and groom's cake.

7. Figure out place for a rehearsal dinner.*

8. Have fun running around like crazy ladies with my mom and sister!*

9. Take flower girl to pick out her dress.

10. Meet with leader of the band playing at our reception to discuss music.

11. Weigh myself each morning so that I feel like the South Beach Diet is worth it. (So far, so good).

12. Have my bridal portraits done.

13. Remember that when it's all said and done, I will be married to eSuitor. **

* Denotes that task is already accomplished.

** My mom and I like to tell ourselves this when things start getting a little stressful. It is a gentle reminder that while the wedding details are fun and important, the wedding isn't nearly as important as the marriage that will begin that day.


J said...

I agree with your ** about 120 percent. I've been to some GORGEOUS weddings that ended up as happy marriages, some that have ended up as divorces, some not so perfect weddings that have gone both ways, etc. The wedding is important as a symbol, but the marriage is important as the real thing. :)

Sounds like you're having fun, at least. Nice to have family helping you with all of this.

Alan Fadling said...

Have fun with all the wedding planning, and I'm glad God has given you perspective that a wedding is a day, but a marriage, with His blessing, can be a lifetime. Enjoy!

Autumn's Mom said...

You have a good outlook on this. Keep the sanity!

ML said...

You're enjoying yourself and being realistic at the same time. Way to go, having a level head on your shoulders!

Love Bears All Things said...

So True! After all, I started my off 40 years ago by eloping.
I'm excited about the details, keep them coming. And don't forget pictures.