Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Did you watch The Bachelor last night?

A new season of The Bachelor started last night. While the show itself makes me cringe, Lincee's fabulous blog The Bachelor Recaps is always good for a laugh!

Lincee started writing recaps of each episode of The Bachelor during its third season and would send them via e-mail to a handful of her closest friends and family. They thought the recaps were so funny that they would forward them to their friends. Last year, when Lincee had 1000 people on her e-mail list requesting her hilarious recaps, she decided to start a blog. Her blog has totally taken off, and is read by tens of thousands of fans every week.

Check it out!


Ally Bean said...

Wow! Lincee did a great job of explaining what was what with this current season. I'll keep her in mind to keep me up-to-date on this show.

Sometimes I just can't get over how cool the internet and blogging is. This would be one of those times.

ML said...

I haven't watched the show and didn't realize it was so big. Too funny!

The Bachelor Recaps said...


You are too sweet. Thanks for reading!


Beenzzz said...

I've watched the Bachelor here and there. I'll check it for sure! :)