Sunday, April 01, 2007

Groom's Day

Today was so much fun because finally, eSuitor got to experience the rush of wedding planning and decision-making that I've been feeling during the past several weeks and even months. We did some groom stuff today.

First, we went to Men's Warehouse and picked out his tuxedo and the groomsmen's tuxedos that they'll be renting for the wedding. My Dad wants to wear a tux also. I can't wait to see eSuitor and my Dad in tuxes. I've never seen either one in a tux before!!!

Next, we went back to the jeweler where he bought my engagement ring, and he got to pick out his wedding band. It is really cool. It has a classic look with a modern edge. It's white gold and real chunky and masculine. It looks great on his hand. He was initially thinking that he'd get a ring with a brushed finish, but he ended up choosing one with a shiny finish. I really like it, and told him to let that ring shine as bright as can be, so all the ladies can see it and know that my man is spoken for!

eSuitor said that when he tried the ring on, he had an "oh-my-gosh-i'm-really-getting-married!" moment. I was glad he got to experience that feeling of excitement. So much of the wedding planning is all about the bride, but the groom is an essential ingredient, too, after all. So it's only fair that he get to have some of the fun, right?!


Anonymous said...

My husband liked the ring part, too. He liked to try on the ring and try to imagine wearing it every day. He still likes wearing it and looking at it. :)

ML said...

Yes, it is only fair that eSuitor has some wedding fun as well. I'm glad you found a ring for him that you both like.

Beenzzz said...

My gosh! I remember when D. and I were doing this very same thing. It was so much fun and it made us even more in love. Who says that planning a wedding has to be stressful all the time. I'm glad that you and e-Suitor got out there and had some fun. :) Picking out rings makes it so official, doesn't it?

J at said...

Very fun! Yeah, you want a ring that women can see before they even get close. ;)

Having said that, Ted doesn't wear a wedding ring. He didn't want to, and when I kind of pressed him on it, he said, Rings don't make people faithful. People make people faithful. So even though there have been a few broken hearts out there, women confused because of the no ring thing, it's nice to know I don't have to worry. :)

Starshine said...

I agree with you, J. A ring doesn't make anyone faithful. Still, I think it is a powerful symbol in our culture, and the closest thing we have to a "sold" sign when it comes to matters of commitment. :)

Sharon said...

I remember when we bought MY HUSBAND's ring. We bought his ring coordinating over the phone looking at pictures long distance over the Internet before we even got engaged. We had a Bible verse engraved in it with our names. *sigh* That was a GREAT day!

Ally Bean said...

What fun for you both. Shiny metal is about a blingy as most men will go. Sounds pretty.

Love Bears All Things said...

My J doesn't wear a ring although he actually has two. When we first married, he worked in a steel mill. He had known people who lost fingers and had other accidents. Although he wasn't actually operating machinery. He didn't wear it on the farm either because he had a friend who lost two fingers on a horse trailer because he got his ring hung. If your man works in an office, it shouldn't be a poblem. J is in an office now but still the habit of keeping his ring at home endures. I only wear mine when I go out, it is part of dressing. I wore it all of the first 10 years we were married, never took it off. Then one day the diamond fell out somewhere while doing household chores. Gone forever. So sad. I still have that ring.
I know this is a long comment but I'm wondering what you're going to call esuiter after the big day?

Starshine said...

Hi Mama Bear! Good question!

I think I'm gonna have to think of a good name. For he will have far exceeded suitor status by the time we walk down the aisle. Any ideas?

My Man.