Monday, April 16, 2007

Pondering Weighty Issues

Have you guys been seeing Dove's newest ads? It's their "Campaign for Real Beauty", and it features models that look like real people. If you'd like to meet the six women chosen to be the new models for the campaign, click here. I first saw the six of them in a magazine ad, posing in their bras and panties--some with full figures--all with tummies, thighs, arms and legs of normal proportions. Immediately, I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, one company in this media-saturated world is putting images of beautiful women out into the market place that are at least reasonable!

This video--a part of their campaign--brought tears to my eyes. Probably because something about it resonated with something deep inside of me.

I want to give Dove a standing ovation for this fantastic campaign. I hope they will continue advertising in this life-affirming way, and that other companies will follow in their footsteps.

I am a curvy woman. I am now, and I always will be. I have wide hips. I have cellulite. I wear a 36C bra. I have red hair and fair skin and more freckles than I can count. I feel beautiful just the way that I am. I may weigh more or less in the future than I do right now, and it really doesn't matter much to me. I want to be a healthy person who lives a healthy lifestyle.

Do I struggle with self-image issues? Sure I do. And I realized when I breathed that sigh of relief how much the media influences our cultural ideal (and my own) of what beauty is.

The truth is that beautiful women exist in all ages, sizes, shapes and colors. And our true beauty eminates from deep within.

What does beauty mean to you? When do you feel the most beautiful?


Anonymous said...

I feel most beautiful when I feel the most flexible. It's not the wrinkles or weight that make me insecure, it's the lack of smooth movements and stretch that cause me to worry.

ML said...

To me beauty means having a healthy, strong body regardless of size, shape, etc (as you mentioned in your post. Also, the inner traits of maturity, integrity and good morals.

The older I get the more beautiful I feel. I feel more amazing now than ever and I believe it'll only get better.

Autumn's Mom said...

I love Dove. I hope more companies try to reach us real woman. Beauty is more than skin deep. I guess I feel it most when I'm with people who love me just for me and don't care if I wear make up or dress it up.

Oh and I HAVE to be havin a good hair day. That is my one vanity!

J at said...

I liked this post a lot. Very well said, and I hope we can all learn to accept our bodies a bit as we mature.

I feel conflicted about the Dove ads. On the one hand, I applaud them for using models in sizes larger than 0, who are shorter than 5'11". However, I would like the Dove campaign better if they weren't trying to sell me cream that will supposedly get rid of my cellulite. While I applaud their use of models in realistic sizes, and those videos they have are wonderful, they are also feeding off of our insecurities in a way.

And I'm very sorry to say, I feel the most beautiful when I'm thin, tan, and just had my roots done. Even though that's not me most of the time, and it sucks.

Beenzzz said...

I don't know when I feel most beautiful because I don't really think about it. I have been told this a few times:
"You are drop dead gorgeous, but you wear it well. You aren't like other women who know they are beautiful and prance around like it." This compliment always comes to me unexpectedly, so I figure I must be emminating something inside and out. Either way, it's a nice compliment.
I don't strive to be someone else. I strive to be me and I strive to make the most of what talents, strengths, and experiences I've been given. The Dove ads are wonderful in my opinion and I would model for them if they asked me to. :)
By the way, you are beautiful!

wordnerd said...

great post (as usual)...I also really like this campaign (despite reservations on whether I need the actual product they are selling).

Beauty for me is always a state of mind...I feel beautiful when I am able to let go of the stress around me.

For example, I've felt really unsexy right after spending 200$ at the salon on a night when I had to head back to the office....not sexy, not beautiful...just stress....

However, yesterday, when I finished all of my work (I worked from home), and lounged around in my yoga pants and stripped pink tank top....after a day where I got alot done and ate very healthily...I felt great...I actually caught myself in the mirror a couple of times and though "self, you don't look so bad for 31".

If there is one time however when I do feel beautiful more's when I am in bed with MD...and I hope and wish that this is the same for all women...that their partners make them feel like sexier versions of themselves...:*) What a gift!

Love Bears All Things said...

I say Bravo for Dove!! Your post goes right along with the Online Bible Study lesson two from last week.