Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Confetti Trees and More!

One of the most striking things about life in Southern California is the variety of trees and flowers that grow and bloom here all through the year. Being from Houston, I was accustomed to tall evergreen firs. So the flora and fauna of So Cal is new and different to me! I took all of these photos on a walk this weekend with eSuitor.

The Royal Palm is one of my favorites here.

The jasmine growing in front of this little dream house smelled so fragrant.

The tall pointy trees are called cyprus (not to be confused with the cypress trees of Texas). I like to call the cyprus here "Tuscany Trees" because they remind me of the trees that dot Italian hillsides. The purple tree on the right is the variety I am currently having a love affair with. They are called Jacaranda, and every May and June, they are covered with their breath-takingly beautiful purple buds.

I like to call them "confetti trees" because as the buds begin to fall off, the ground looks as if it has been littered with lovely purple confetti!


J at said...

We have cyprus trees up here, closer to Monterey actually, that look nothing like the tall pointy ones...I wonder if ours look like the ones in Texas?

Those 'confetti trees' are stunning.

Autumn's Mom said...

Love the confetti tree!! Thanks for checking in with me my friend. I'll be sending you an email :)

ML said...

Lovely photos! Confetti trees - I like it.

Beenzzz said...

How beautiful!

Jennifer, friend of a friend said...


I am friend of someone who has your blog on their page. It became habit to read hers and one day I looked at yours. I have been a fan ever since. I love the pictures of So Cal and long for it here. I enjoy your posts and look forward to getting your take on married life!!

A new fan!

Starshine said...

Hi jennifer, friend of a friend!

Thanks for linking to my blog and even more importantly...thank you for continuing to read here! I love having a fan! Now I'm curious which of your friends you linked here from. (oops! I ended a sentence with a preposition...oh well!)

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Confetti trees!

That's a great name for them!