Monday, May 07, 2007

Sweet Friendship

On Thursday, eSuitor and I road tripped up the coast to the town of Cayucos to visit some dear friends of mine who were in town visiting from Spain. It was a wonderful visit that consisted of conversation, food, more conversation, and more food. So basically, it was perfect. :)

Dinner at the Sea Shanty in Cayucos

Here is a photo of my friends: Jeff, May, and little Marta. It was fun getting to know their little girl, who I hadn't seen since she was just a couple months old. She has a big personality, and she's absolutely beautiful!

It was also great to get to introduce them to eSuitor, and vice-versa. It was like watching two of my "worlds" come together. Everyone liked each other, and we're looking forwarding to spending more time together, whenever that may be. My friendships made in Spain are in a special category of their own: they were caring, intimate, genuine, and straightforward. Seeing May and Jeff again was like pouring water on parched soil. I miss May so much! She is a soul friend. And when we said goodbye, I dissolved into eSuitor's arms and cried me a river. Friends like that are rare gems, and I'm blessed to have sparkling jewels like these in my life.


J at said... rain on parched soil...yes, some friendships are truly like this, and we are blessed when we find them. So glad you got to see your friends from Spain!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the two parts of your life get along with each other. Not everyone is so fortunate on that front. What a fun time you must of had.

Cherry said...

Marta is so cute!

How special it was for you and eSuitor to be able to spend some good time with your friends from Spain. That really is wonderful when people you have a connection with, are able to really connect as well. I bet it gave you so many warm fuzzies!

Beenzzz said...

What wonderful pictures. I bet they really enjoyed meeting e-suitor. Friendships like this are very rare. I'm so happy that you have that! Your wedding counter in getting close isn't it? :)

Autumn's Mom said...

I love a good squishy visit like this one. Glad you had a beautiful day :)