Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Everyday Driver

It is always very exciting here in L.A. when someone in the entertainment industry quits their dreaded day job to pursue what they are really meant to do. To most "sensible" people, this is a very bizarre phenomena, as they have no category for such a move whatsoever. We artsy types, however, give each other big hugs and shouts of congratulations--"You quit your job?!! That's FANTASTIC!"

I gave one such congratulatory shout to my friend Todd Deeken a few months ago when he left his day job to pursue his dream job. The amazing thing about Todd, though, is that he is already making his dream a reality ... reality television, that is!

He and his good friend Paul Schmucker have teamed up to take their act on the road...literally! They have combined their passions for entertainment and cars to create their very own show. It's called Everyday Driver, and it's awesome. Check out their website and watch the teaser for their pilot episode. Hopefully, we'll be seeing them on television very soon!

Go, Todd! (But not too fast!)

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