Monday, August 20, 2007

Putting it Together, Bit by Bit!

Husby and I have continued to feather our nest. Here are some pics of our recent "creations".
We went to IKEA and bought a couple of matching bookcases which now flank our TV cabinet of the same IKEA family of furniture. Now my plays and theatre books have a home. I tried to cutes-up each shelf with some kind of decorative thing, whether it was with artwork, a framed photo, or this groovy calla-lily vase:

Husby had this cool crown-moulding shelf from his bachelor days, but he hadn't ever hung it up. We decided to put it up high, above our entryway/entrance to our living area:

I bought the eucalpytis, curly deals, and red berries at Michael's, and ... ohmigosh, I think I might be turning into my mother!!! (Yea! I always hoped I'd inherit part of her design flair!)

This groovy vase was a wedding gift. We bought the river rocks to fill it at IKEA for uber-cheap, and bought the cherry blossom branches at Crate & Barrell. We prefer plants that you dust over plants that you water.

This is our kitchen table, which is set completely with awesome wedding gifts we received from several of our dear friends:

But don't be fooled, we still manage to have dinner in front of the TV about once a week on our trusty TV trays, a wedding gift from Buttercup:

Life is good.


J at said...

Cute pics! How nice to be getting your place all together like that. I love the crown moulding mantle shelf. VERY cool!

Beenzzz said...

Love it! I'm addicted to IKEA. They just opened on in Utah (we are so behind the times) and We've been buying up a storm.
Your home looks lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

Shurtleff! Ha!

Autumn's Mom said...

Aww life is good!!!

Ginger said...

It is so great that you are decorating and making a home. We lived in our first place a year before I hung anything on the wall.

ML said...

Your house looks GREAT!!! What a lovely home you and husby have :)

Buttercup said...

OMG!!!!! You actually use the TV trays!!! I'm so excited. This just made my day. :)