Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jumping Jacks...Do NOT Try Them at Home

Yesterday, I was doing my usual Monday morning routine at the gym ... circuit training with sets of jumping jacks between machines. As I was jumping one of the jacks (that sounds a little questionable, doesn't it?), I somehow twisted my ankle and ended up in a pile on the floor. It really hurt, but the pain subsided fairly quickly. I gingerly finished my workout...sans jumping jacks, and went on with my day.

About four hours later, I was shopping in Joann Fabrics (LOVE THAT STORE!!!), and I noticed that my ankle was starting to hurt. By the time I got home, the pain level had spiked from a 3 to an 8, and I could barely walk on it. I decided to go to an urgent care center, just to make sure there were no broken bones. Thankfully, there weren't, and by the time I was leaving the center a couple of hours later, the pain had started to subside. This morning, it is tender, but pretty much back to normal.

The doctors and technicians at the urgent care center enjoyed ribbing me about the injury, and as I walked out the door, the doctor said (with a twinkle in his eye), "You be careful with those jumping jacks!".


wordnerd said...

I'm glad nothing was seriously wrong...weird what our bodies can (and sometimes can't) do!

take it easy and I'm sure you'll be back to jumping those jacks very soon!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Ack! That's a sports related injury for you!

Cherry said...

Twisted ankles totally suck but I'm glad that is all it was. I probably would have used that pain as an excellent excuse to call my workout over for the day!

Be nice to your ankle today and limit your shopping. :-)

Buttercup said...

Ah, poor thing! I hope it's much better by today. xo

ML said...

I'm so sorry! Glad nothing was broken, though.

By the way, I love Joann Fabrics too!