Monday, October 22, 2007

Getting Into Character

A couple months ago, I had a meeting with my commercial agent. He told me that the actors that he represents that get sent out on auditions more often are those who have headshots of several different characters. Well, I definitely want to get sent out on more auditions, so I called my talented friend Jen Disney, and we had a blast shooting these pics! She also did a really fun blog post about this shoot. Meet the cast of characters...

Just me:

Athletic me:

Medical me:

Homemaker me:

Grad student me:

Food service industry me:

Quirky me:

Diner waitress me:

Southern manicurist me:


Buttercup said...

For some reason I like the diner waitress and manicurist the best. :)

Just got your comment on my blog. You are the sweetest ever.

Love you,

J at said...

Way too cute! Love them all. Hope they help!

Mrs. G. said...

Great photos! I'm hoping your friend is Walt Disney's helps to have connections.

Beenzzz said...

I like all of them!!! I especially like the quirky photo though. :)

wordnerd said...

MY GOD are so GORGEOUS in every one of those pictures...seriously!

I like the quirky one the best...and the diner waitress and the grad student the're just so foxy!

I hope these get you some great results!

Susan said...

Oh!!!! I love these, Tracy! They are all fabulous. I like medical me and grad student me and even food service industry me. :) I think the only thing I would have changed a bit would have been a pony tail for the athletic me...not that my fat behind would know, but it seems like a pony tail would work for a sweaty chick. ;) Anyway, great job! I hope it yields a part!

Anonymous said...

I like grad student me and diner waitress me. What a great idea to do this. Fun too.

ML said...

I love the big smile you have on your face.

The quirky you cracked me up! I can still see your sweetness coming out.

Love Bears All Things said...

Great character shots!
Mama Bear

Cherry said...

Whoa! You remind me so much like of your sister in the Homemaker shot!

What fun you girls must have had!

josey said...

hello there!

i have to admit i've been a lurker on your blog for several weeks now. you're even in my googlereader! hehe!! i cant even remember how i stumbled across you, but i have to say i very much enjoy your blog. you have such an interesting life and a great attitude! not to mention tons of talent!! =D

i absoSMURFly love this post!! a friend of mine and i used to take pictures of each other in character like this...however, uh, yours are of much higher talent quality. hehe!! ;) it brought back a flood of great memories of me and my friend and our good times :)

btw, the southern manicurist is my fave!! hehe!! can i call her Madge? LOL!!! (back up a sec...i just did a little searching and came across your previous post about this character...AWESOME!! even funnier, since my fave books are the Chronicles of Narnia. HAHA!)

okay, sorry for clogging up the comment area...;)

have a superdooper day :)