Sunday, October 14, 2007

Karaoke Night!

Can I just say that I love karaoke?!!! It's true. So I'd like to give a great big shout out and thank you to our friends Don and Erin who had us over the other night for dinner, conversation, and (are you ready for this?) in-home karaoke! Don bought this groovy microphone in the Phillipines that you plug in to your t.v. Inside the microphone is a little chip that contains hundreds of songs complete with words for the t.v. screen and groovy karaoke graphics!

Here's a pic of Hubs and I singing the grande finale song of the evening, "We are the World". My favorite part is always Cindy Lauper's, when she sings "Well, well, well, well let's realize that a change can only come when we stand together as one. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"


J at said...

Hey, I used to have a 'USA for Africa' sweatshirt! How cool am I? ;)

Maya's friend has karaoke for TV, and they often sing at sleepovers. FUN!

I'm very sorry to say that I need to be drunk to enjoy singing karaoke, and um, I don't sing well sober, talk about drunk. Unpretty.

ML said...

Sounds like a great time!

I don't karaoke because I have the singing voice very similar to nails scratching a blackboard.

Last weekend, some guy was doing karaoke at the local costco. It was quite funny.

Beenzzz said...

Cute pic of the two of you1 Karaoke is so much fun. Everytime there is a party, my friends (who are just as loud as I am) "sing." I should have majored in theater. :)
Oh, congratulations on being named a "Rockin' Girl Blogger!"

Ginger said...

Mom got a Karoke machine a few years ago and she brings it when she visits sometimes. We really have a blast!

Autumn's Mom said...

Too fun. You guys are so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Karaoke would be my idea of hell. Singing in front of others. I'm getting nervous just thinking about it. Not me.

But I'm glad that you had fun. I wonder what your neighbors thought?

Cherry said...

Eric's BIL bought a Karaoke machine for his family last Christmas. We had a blast with it in their living room, but don't even think I'll do it in public. No way, ain't gonna happen.

Don & Erin said...

We had a great time having you guys over!

Anytime you have a karaoke fix, just "walk on by.." :)

Great pic btw!