Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dan in Real Life

Update: Well, the softball audition went really well yesterday. It is for a Japanese electronics company, and the commercial will air in Japan during the summer Olympics. Cool, huh? Thanks for the prayers! I'll let you know if I hear anything!

Now for today's actual blog entry:

Movie Review: Dan in Real Life

On Friday night, I got together with a couple of friends for dinner and a movie. Gotta love girls' night out!

Dan in Real Life is a wonderful movie about Dan (played by Steve Carell), a widower and father of three daughters who range in age from 9 to 16 years old. Dan takes his girls out of school for a week to go to a family reunion in Rhode Island. What happens during their week away is a redemptive story of healing and restoring wholeness to their fractured family. It is sweet, full of humor, and very slice of life (which I love!).

Steve Carell turns in a dynamic performance. It is so fun to see his moodier colors, as I am more accustomed to his comedic character on my favorite tv show, The Office. Juliette Binoche is lovely as always, and she truly shines as Marie, the eccentric free spirit (and one outsider) who descends upon the family reunion.

Starshine gives this movie: a big, shiny gold star! Go see it!


Mrs. G. said...

I absolutely can't wait for things to get less busy so I can go out and see this movie.

Ana L. said...

My husband and I also saw this movie last week...I agree, great movie!!
Also, please say hello to your hubs from me!

jennster said...

this movie looked good and cute but i'm still gonna wait for rental. LOL..
yay for good audition!!!!!

Cherry said...

ohhh yes! I have been waiting for this to come out. Although I'm cheap and will likely wait for the rental as well.

I'm glad the audition went well! Still keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

Beenzzz said...

This sounds like a fun one to see. I really like Steve Carell, so I know I would enjoy this movie. Thanks for the review!

Autumn's Mom said...

We went and saw this a couple of weeks ago and loved it. I think Steve Carell is so talented, I'd see him in anything. When we were leaving the movie, I heard a lot of other movie goers saying it was so sappy. Me and the boyfriend just looked at each other and said, we like sappy!!! :)

Fav part was when the boys were singing about little miss piggy. Too funny!

J at said...

Very cute movie. We saw this a few weeks ago...I kinda wondered if he would have fallen for her if he hadn't met her at the, if he had first seen her at the house with his brother, would he have fallen just as hard? I can't decide. Ted says no, his brain would have been in a totally different place.