Wednesday, January 23, 2008

P.S. I Love You

I went to see the movie P.S. I Love You last weekend. Hubs was out of town, so I saw it by myself. I am one of those rare exceptions who doesn't mind going to movies alone. I started my solo cinematic outings in my early twenties, and realized that it can be fun to get lost in a movie and cry like a baby or laugh like a hyena without sharing the experience with anyone else.

As you can guess by the title of the movie, it's a romantic comedy. I didn't get married until I was 32, so I had plenty of single years to go to movies alone. In the last couple years since meeting my eSuitor/Hubs, I haven't gone to too many movies alone. As I walked out of the movie, still wiping away the tears (it was a real tear-jerker!), my heart was so full! It reminded me of all those times I walked out of romantic comedies alone with hope in my heart that I would find my special someone (and wondering if that hope was just a pipe dream). It was so tempting to believe that the great romances I saw in those movies were somehow just the stuff of fiction.

My friend Kelly was a real rock for me during my final two years in Texas before I made the move out to LA. She prayed for me to find a husband (because she knew that was the desire of my heart). She even encouraged me to go to see chick flicks because she wasn't jaded and was wise enough to know that the reason people love romantic comedies is because deep in our hearts, we believe that kind of love is possible.

I praise God for the great love He has blessed me with! Walking out of the movie last weekend, it was wonderful to see that the hope I held out to find my husband wasn't in vain. God really answered my prayers! If you haven't found your guy yet, don't give up hope!

I am living my own sweet love story, and it is beautiful!

I love you, baby!


J at said...

I'm with you, going to movies alone is just fine with me. :) Glad you enjoyed the chick flick, and so happy that your love story is such a joyeous one. :)

Autumn's Mom said...

I second that! well, I guess I third it! Love chick flicks and I remember when they would make my heart long for that special love. I'm so happy for you. And for all of us who have it!

Chasing Daylight* said...

I am glad I found your blog. I was in love but he recently broke up with me. I am lost in sadness but for the Lenten season am finding my way back to God. I think I put too much of my happiness in my former boyfriend and let everything else slide. Anyhow, again thank you for your blog.