Friday, February 29, 2008

Leapin' for Love

Happy Leap Day, y'all!

I didn't even have to look outside to know that the weather had turned from sunny to overcast because as soon as I opened my eyes, my sinuses told me so...headache!  It seems like the only thing that can knock those headaches gone is a good meal and some serious caffeine.  So to celebrate Leap Day, I took myself out for a wonderful breakfast at IHOP.  Ain't nothin' like Harvest Grain 'n' Nut Pancakes, eggs and BACON(!!!) with steaming hot coffee!

That being said, my day has only gotten better and better.

Since I was dining alone, I took a wonderful journal with me called "Conversations" to breakfast. Hubs had recommended an article in it called The Arts as a Means of Grace. Wow! It really hit home.  It was an interview with poet Luci Shaw, and nearly every syllable she uttered was loaded with meaning for me.  I only discovered her poetry recently, and so far every poem I've read has moved me!  One of them in particular called "The Omnipresence" left my heart flowing over with love for God:

The Omnipresence

Reminders flicker at us from
odd angles, nor will he be ignored;
we sight him in unlikely places,
oaths and dates and empty tombs.
God. His print is everywhere,
stamped on the macro- and the microcosm.
Feathers, shells, stars, cells speak 
his diversity.  The multiplicity of
leaf and light says God. Wind,
sensed but unseen, breathes the old
metaphor again. Seasons are his
signature. The double helix
spells his spiral name.
Faith summons him, and doubt 
blows only the sheerest skein
of mist across his face.
Luci Shaw, 1990

As love is what this poem evoked in me, I have been lingering on love since then.  It occured to me that Leap Day is one more day this year to tell those I love, "I love you".

God, I love You! Thank You that I cannot and will never escape Your Omnipresence.

Hubs, I love you. You reflect God's love to me everyday. Thank you for being a tangible reflection of His love and grace to me. I'm learning so much about Him because of you.

Mom, Dad, and Jilly, I love you so much.  I'm looking forward to being with you during the next week.  

Ad, I love you!  Thaggs for beig by bes frenny!  (I hab a cold.)  :)

Friends and blog buddies, I love you.  You are a warm and cozy community, and I'm so grateful for the friendship and support I find with you.  Jelly Jules, if you are reading this, please know that I am especially grateful that today is one more day you get to spend with your dear mom, Maya's Granny!  I'm so glad she's doing better. 


mrs. blogoway said...

Oh my goodness... I LOVE harvest grain n nut pancakes at IHOP. I don't go that often, but when I do that's what I always order!

Beautiful poem.

J at said...

Thank you Starshine. :) You made my day. Well, that and the fact that they pulled the tube on my mom, and she's feeling GREAT!!! YAY!

I've decided that leap day should be the day that 2008 turns around from a very difficult year, into a year of wonderfulness. :) So far, so good!

Starshine said...


What wonderful news!!! I'm thrilled! I just read your new post and commented there, too.


Mrs. G. said...

I love your positive outlook on life. I always feel a little better when I leave here. Thank you.

Ad said...

i luv you doo, dracy! habby leab year, eved though i have a cold.


Allsorts said...

What a beautiful, beautiful poem....and thank you for sharing with all of us!! :)


mrs. blogoway said...

Where are you? I've been checking for something new every day. You must have been cast in a huge movie and we'll never hear from you again. Tee Hee.

I saw Amy Adams on Regis&Kelly this morning and thought of you. She's so pretty!