Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Books: A Meme

My blog buddy J from Thinking About tagged me earlier this week for this meme.

What book are you reading right now?  
I just finished reading a book called The Life You've Always Wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People by John Ortberg.  Hubs and I read and discussed it on a chapter-a-week basis with a group of friends.  I included a passage from the book in a post I wrote here.

What was the last book you read on a plane? Flying back from Texas last week, I read the play Amadeus by Peter Shaffer.  It is a wonderful play about Antonio Salieri's competitive friendship with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and on a deeper level about Salieri's anger at God for not giving him the same degree of fame and success that he gave Mozart.  You may remember the Academy Award winning movie by the same title from the '80s.  (J, did you enjoy my use of the apostrophe?)

What was the last book you read on a roadtrip? I, too, have a guilty pleasure called People Magazine! 

What is the most unusual place you found yourself reading? Three o'clock in the morning.  (That's a place, right?) A really good fiction novel keeps me reading long into the wee hours.

What books would you take to keep you occupied on a two week vacation to the beach? My sister gave me a book years ago that I really want to read called A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers.  It is the first in a trilogy called The Mark of the Lion.  It is historical fiction set during the time of the gladiators.  I have heard nothing but raves about the series.  Rivers also wrote one of my favorite fiction reads of all time called Redeeming Love.  If you haven't read it, go buy it now.  It is a retelling of Hosea's story, set in San Francisco during the gold rush. That book definitely kept me up 'til the wee hours because I simply could not tear myself away from it.  The book has nearly 500 reviews on Amazon and a 5 star rating.  It's really excellent!

I definitely have some readers in my life who I'd like to tag for this meme:

Sharon at Grab the Fish


J at said...

Wow, you read the play Amadeus? Totally cool. What struck me more than his bitterness about Wolfie's fame and fortune, was his sad realization that God had bestowed upon Mozart the greater gifts musically as well. When he's transcribing Requium, and you can see the pain in his face as he realizes he can never touch this degree of talent, of God given gift....heartbreaking.

Good job on the punctuation, too. ;)

Christine said...

What IS it about People magazine? I make a beeline for it every time I have to wait at the dentist's office.... :)

mrs. blogoway said...

I absolutely love that movie, AMADEUS. I've seen it too many times to count. They did such a good job of making it dramatic and the casting was excellent.

I wish you would've tagged me for this meme...I love books so much. I think I'll tag myself. hee hee.