Friday, April 11, 2008

"J" is for "Josey tagged me for this meme..."

Josey at Stayin' Silly, Livin' Lucky tagged me for this Five Things Meme which I actually wrote last week.

What was I doing 10 years ago - 1998
1. Living in New York City
2. Going to acting school
3. Getting ready to graduate (I'm going to my 10 year reunion in May!!!)
4. Dating my first real boyfriend and on the verge of my first tremendous heart break
5. Living in a women's resident in Gramercy Park. Think Bosom Buddies sans cross-dressers.

Five things on my to-do list today
1. Rehearse
2. Get in hair and makeup
3. Costume
4. Shoot the film
5. Feel really thankful and satisfied that I just lived my ideal day in Los Angeles!

Snacks I enjoy
1. Sugar-free Fudgesicles
2. Cottage cheese with sugar-free jello
3. Peanut butter flavored frozen yogurt (FRO YO!) with hot fudge brownie topping
4. Blue Bell Ice Cream
5. The most perfect cookie -- Samoas (saving the best for last!)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. Give some of it away
2. Fund my own film with a great part written for me.  :)  My favorite play I was ever in was called Peg O' My Heart (Hi, Bridget!...She played "Peg". I got to play her snooty British cousin, Ethel.) I always thought that would make a GREAT movie!
3. Fund my friend Todd's film Steadfast. It is a western that he has had written for years. He just needs the funding to make it.
4. Buy a house.
5. Travel with Hubs all over the world. Our trip would start in Spain during the month of October.  We'd wander through Western Europe for a while, then move on to Eastern Europe. From there, we'd go to Israel and then Japan and Thailand. Then the Far East and down to Australia and New Zealand. Once back in the USA, we'd do an Alaskan cruise and then a road trip through all of the continental United States.

Five of my bad habits
1. I can be lazy.
2. Procrastination.
3. Being fearful of things that don't deserve my fear.
4. Two acting teachers have told me that I smile too much during my acting scenes. The truth is that I have a huge smile and I look like I'm smiling even when I'm not. Plus, I have a pretty bubbly personality. It works for real life, but I have to be aware of it when I'm acting...especially in dramatic scenes.
5. Major daydreamer.

Five places I have lived
1. San Antonio, TX
2. Houston, TX
3. New York City
4. Zaragoza, Spain
5. Los Angeles, CA

Five jobs I've had
1. Waitress
2., Administrative Assistant
3. Actress
4. Peer Counselor
5. Compliance Specialist (hahahahahahahaha...I still can't believe I had a job with that title! Anyone who knows me at all would never envision me in a job that includes the word "compliance")

What I'd like to be doing in ten years
1. Still happy being a wife to Hubs.
2. Mother of 2 or 3 kids.
3. Acting in a wildly successful sitcom.
4. Traveling to fun places.
5. Attending my new neice or nephew's tenth birthday party.  :)


Brad & Carrie said...

If you stop by China, give us a ring :)!

Those all sound wonderful!

J at said...

That's a fun meme! And, um, I'm a compliance analyst. I knew we were soul sisters. ;)

Your trip sounds LOVELY. Hope you get to take it someday, even if it's over the years, and not all at once.

Christine said...

Great post! But what's stop-overs in Africa?? :)

Starshine said...

Carrie - I'd love it!!!

J - I'd say that the "over the years" scenario is much more likely than the "all at once". Probably more enjoyable that way anyway.

Christine - You're so right! What was I thinking??? I left off Africa and South America from my world tour! I'd love to visit Rwanda, especially if you were still there to be my guide. It would be so cool to shadow you and see the work you're doing there. I have three friends from S. Africa, who I love, and I'd love to visit Kenya, as well, and do a photo safari.
And I think I need to hit Antarctica to chill with the penguins, too, while I'm on my world tour! So fun to dream...

josey said...

thanks for playing the meme, tracy! i thoroughly enjoyed reading all about you. i feel like i know you better! hehe!

like the others, i LOVE your world traveling plan! how PERFECT! i'm sure with your acting career on the rise, you'll have an opportunity to do it one day :D

oh and you can bet i'll be a fan of your sitcom, too! hehe! i love your smile, so grin away :D

and can i have some of that PB fro yo and hot fudge sauce?? *DROOL*

Bridget & Josh Lee said...

That was my favorite play too! I loved being all yitchy with each other--remember rehearsing that fight scene over and over and over?

Congrats to your sis! It's quite the journey with a little one. :)