Monday, May 26, 2008


This is a guest post written by my sister, Jilly:
Hi Everyone,

My husband, G, was in a wedding this weekend for 2 of our old friends who married each other. Ryan (the groom) and his groomsmen all went to the Astros game on Thursday night. Somewhere along the way in the planning, they decided to all go dressed as super heroes. I honestly thought they would chicken out and end up just wearing a Superman t-shirt or something. Boy was I wrong! They were all decked out head to toe. G went as Super Mario from the Nintendo game. I took this picture in our front yard as our 3 year old across the street neighbor watched with a VERY stunned look on his face. Ryan is in the purple wig and hadn't put on his body paint yet. He painted himself head to toe in green and went as the hulk. They were on the jumbotron and on t.v. A LOT! The announcers were even commenting. After the game, it took them an hour to get to their cars because of everyone wanting to take their picture.

Fun times,


C said...

That is BRILLIANT!!! I love that! :p Looks like the guys had a blast!

Great guest post, Jilly!

The Cachinnator said...

That is freakin' great. Just brilliant.

allison said...

I bet that three year old across the street thinks your sister's is the coolest house on the block! Too funny!!

J at said...

That's hilarious. The one dressed like Thor reminded me of "Adventures in Babysitting". :)

Sharon said...

That is totally awesome!