Monday, May 05, 2008

Comfort the Children in Kenya

My friend Janet is going to Kenya in July for two weeks to do relief work with refugees. Tribal conflict in Kenya has left over 150,000 people without food, water and shelter.  

Comfort the Children International has chosen Janet to join an outreach team that will spend two weeks working to better the lives of the people there.

Our mission is to help provide hope and a future for the less fortunate. We share in the lives of local communities through acts of love and labor. Our education programs, building projects, medical/healthcare assistance, outreach ministries, and AIDS awareness create a better tomorrow.

Janet is raising funds to get to Africa. If you are interested in supporting her in this work, please go to her website. Her passion for this work is inspiring. 


J at said...

Wow, how inspiring. I would think that an experience like this would change her forever.

Deb said...

so wonderful. it takes a great person to be able to do all the wonderful things she is and will be doing.

mrs. blogoway said...

This is so cool. My friend, Jen, and I are talking about taking a trip like this.

Christine said...

Go Janet! They will see Jesus in you and your team....I'll be praying!

Bridget & Josh Lee said...

That's great to know what Janet is up to. This mission really seems to fit her--I'm sure it will be an amazing experience.