Monday, May 19, 2008

In His Image

The reason for my retreat this weekend was to make space in my life to be alone with God. To create some margin just for Him and me. To open my heart up to Him and quiet my mind enough to hear from Him.

I can't say that I had this crazy mountaintop experience with God while on retreat. It was, however, a peaceful time with Him. If I came away with one impression of what it is He spoke to me, I would say that He affirmed my calling as an artist. All weekend long, I found myself responding to Him (and to what I was experiencing on the retreat) through artistic expression--writing, taking pictures, painting and drawing. It all felt like such an organic response, and I suppose that's because that's who I am. It was just so affirming to come away realizing anew that when God created me in His image, a big part of that image is in my creativity. I identify with Him as Creator; and when I create, it brings Him glory!

This is the retreat house we were at, taken from the back patio. Isn't it adorable?

The fountain had the most colorful flowers planted around it:

I enjoyed sitting in the rocking chairs on the back patio taking in the gorgeous view. 

I loved sitting in one of the rocking chairs right in front of these eucalyptus trees. Their twisty trunks mesmerized me.

Isn't the color in these trunks amazing? They are God's own artistry!

They were part of the inspiration for this painting I did:

His creation was singing of His glory, and it was a joy to respond in creative expression!


Jennifer Disney said...

Beautiful! Lovely painting too!

Clio said...

That view is absolutely gorgeous! Sometimes God is the still small voice, not the loud epiphany.

Autumn's Mom said...

What a lovely place :) I like your painting :) I've never been on a retreat. Sounds like it was just what was needed.

jennster said...

gorgeous!!!!! sounds like you got what you needed. :)
and dude, YES i'll be at blogher.

get in touch with me!

mrs. blogoway said...

I didn't know you paint! I took some art in college and have always loved it. Your piece is gorgeous!!