Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Oh, the food there is GREAT!"

This is my first time to come to this retreat center, but Hubs has been here once before.  When I told him that we would be coming here for our retreat, he mentioned several times how good the food would be. In fact, he mentioned it so many times that it became a running joke.

Now that I have had breakfast here, I understand what all the fuss was about. If this retreat is about opening my heart to God, breakfast was a completely religious experience:

-Cheese stuffed crepes drizzled with strawberries and strawberry sauce.

-Fresh fruit—pineapple, banana, and pear

-A ginormous cup of freshly brewed coffee with heavy whipping cream and splenda (Let’s just be honest and call that dessert.)

It is a gloriously sunny and clear day.  I’m off to enjoy some time in the great outdoors (with sunscreen on, of course!).


Afternoon Update:

Have mercy!  I just had lunch, and it was another spiritual experience. The food at this place is divinely inspired. Today’s lunch:

-Beef Stroganoff

-Gingered Carrots

-Granny Smith Apple Cobbler with whipped cream

Mrs. G, if the chefs at The Women’s Colony are in need of recipes, they need look no further than this dear little retreat house snuggled cozily on a hill in Santa Barbara!


J at said...

Oh, you got me with cobbler. I can pass up chocolate most days, but a good cobbler is a beautiful thing to behold. And ingest. ;)

Autumn's Mom said...

Sounds divine!! Glad you had a wonderful time at the retreat :)