Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Heart NY

At the end of May, Hubs and I took a vacation to the Big Apple! 

We went to the top of the Empire State Building, like proper tourists...

We rode the Staten Island Ferry to see Lady Liberty (and ate yummy hotdogs while on board).

We saw this show on Broadway, which was silly fun.

And we saw Broadway legend Patty LuPone in this FABULOUS show!  If you have the opportunity to see this production of Gypsy before Patty leaves the cast, I implore you to GO SEE THIS SHOW! Patty LuPone was born to play this part, and she does it wonderfully! 

Then the real fun began!  Our reason for going to New York was to attend the 10-year class reunion of my acting school. About 14 of us showed up, and had a ball! People flew in from England, Sweden, France and all over the US for this, so it was so amazing to be together again!

It was fun to introduce Hubs to a chapter of my life for which I have endless nostalgia.

These are my girls!  
Your kids might recognize my friend Donovan Patton as "Joe" from Nickelodeon's "Blue's Clues"!Of course, we crazy theatre people had to be a little artsy with our photo opps!


J at said...

You have no idea how envious I am that you got to see Spamalot. Totally.

Jennifer Disney said...

I heart Starshine! I want to go to NY again now!

Mrs. G. said...

You saw Patty Lupone? Lucky!

Autumn's Mom said...

two great shows! You totally stand out in the last picture :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, this makes me miss NY. We LOVED Spamalot. You look so skinny, Tracy. I'm praying for you.
Love Kerith

Breenette said...

Hey! This is Cari's friend Dayna! What acting school in NY did you go to?