Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stranded on Space Mountain...A Science Non-Fiction Adventure

Once upon a time, in a Magic Kingdom nestled in the heart of Orange County, Prince Hubs and Princess Starshine were celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

As soon as they arrived at this enchanted place, they couldn't wait to have an outer space adventure on Space Mountain. They boarded their space craft and...LIFT OFF! The Prince and Princess were having a royal time flying through the Milky Way...

...when things came to a sudden halt. The space craft didn't seem to be going anywhere. In fact, the couple was sitting in the dark, just waiting. They were scared...real scared.

Suddenly, the lights came on! The many passengers on the ride were perplexed at how the lights could suddenly come on in the darkness of outer space, and some of them even whined out loud--something about the illusion being ruined. It all worked out, though, when suddenly two beautiful flight attendants appeared...

...and they pushed our space shuttle back to safely land on earth WITH THEIR BARE HANDS!!!

The princess thought they must have been super-heroines! It was a super-fun space odyssey that the happy couple will never forget.



"intima semente baila em meu reino
ao sabor de tuas do├žuras..."

"O Rose thou art sick..."...!?...

grazies mille...starchine.

Cari said...

Holy Moly!! How scarey! I did not ride on Space Mountain but Mr. N did and he loved it!!
Lots of rides were out of commission while we there...hmmmm... interesting!

Autumn's Mom said...

Wow! I can't believe they pushed you back. haha I would have been a little disappointed to be in there with the lights on. That's part of the super fun of that ride...the complete darkness!!! We got stranded on the Indiana Jones ride once , right at the big rolling ball, and had to walk out. It happens. I still think it's the happiest place on earth :)

Laura said...

OMG we have been waiting for YEARS to be stuck on Space Mountain!! That's like our DREAM!! Lol (Yes, we are Disneyland nerds.) That's so awesome!!!

C said...

Awwwwwwww! I love this post! I love how you wrote it in the form of a fairytale! Disney World is one of my favourite places to be! Sure, Bali was wonderful. Japan was exciting. Singapore was interesting. Trinidad, Tobago, Barbados and the Dominican Republic were sooooo much fun...but nothing compares to Disney World! There is just something so magical about that place.

Where else can grown ups feel like kids again and be amazed and dazzled beyond belief!?!

You and your Hubs look great! Uhhh...I would be mortified if I got stuck on Space Mountain though! I'd be even more so if I saw the attendants PUSH us back! :)

Ashley -cutestblogontheblock said...


This is ashley from thecutestblogontheblock! You were on my blog referalls list, so thanks for reffering someone to my site! I just had to post a comment on your blog about this "stranded on space mountain" experience. My friend and I went to DL a few months ago and we got stranded on the Indiana Jones ride right when it was VERY SCARY and we about peed our pants! We rode Space mountain so much too I just love that ride, I wish I could have that ride in my backyard! So I love that you had that experience though, I bet it was scary and fun all at the same time!

Thanks for sharing!

Ashley - TCBOTB