Friday, October 24, 2008

Days 4 and 5 - Zaragoza: Enoc, Expo, and Italian Food!!!

October 9 -

We met up with my dear friend Cristina (Krispy!), her sweet husband Daniel and their baby Enoc. Aren't they a cute family? I love Krispy so much...she's one of my closest friends...a true blue friend.

Hubs and Enoc were big buddies!

It was a lovely evening for a walk, so we packed up the baby in his stroller, and all of us went to Zaragoza's big park "El Parque Grande" for a stroll. 

It is the perfect park for strolling, with its beautifully manicured landscaping, pretty fountains and tree-lined paths.

There is even a big map of Spain for tourists to have the perfect photo op!

Oct. 10 -

We got together with my other friend Cristina (Chispa!), May and her daughter Marta. These ladies are also very close friends, who I love dearly. This past summer, Zaragoza was host of the International Expo. The theme was "Water and Sustainable Development". The grounds of the Expo were still open to walk through.

May and Marta accidentally got drenched in one of the fountains...whoops!  At least it was a warm day!

There were also some incredible sculptures:

This was a huge suspended sculpture called "Splash!":

That night, we got together with a big group of my old friends at my favorite Italian restaurant. That's right, folks, the best Italian food (and hands down, the best tiramisu) I've ever had was in Spain! It was at this restaurant that I first discovered Lambrusco--a sparkling Italian rose wine...delicious with pasta!

Jose and Ana:

Chispa with Enoc in his cachirulo:

Me with Irene and Eva:

It was so awesome to be with so many friends at one of my favorite places! 


Autumn's Mom said...

Those sculptures are cool :) Thanks for sharing your memories with us. I hope you have a relaxing weekend


J at said...

What wonderful photos. :) So glad you were able to take this wonderful vacation! Now I want to go to Spain. And eat pasta.

Jennifer Disney said...

I love that SPlash sculpture. And those kids are super cute!

Brad & Carrie said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast. I'm jealous!