Sunday, October 19, 2008

If you're not a planner, be sure to marry one. They're handy.

We had a fantastic time in Spain and France, and I'll probably spend the next week sharing photos and stories, but first I have to tell you story about how I got soooooo sick and then realized, yet again, that I married well.

In the weeks leading up to our trip, Hubs mentioned to me a few times that he wanted to buy traveler's health insurance called "SOS" just in case we needed it while we were overseas. I thought, "Okay. I doubt we'll need it, but if you want to...."

Famous last words.

About 9 days into our trip, I started to feel achy with flu-like symptoms. I went back to our hotel and crawled in bed to rest. Soon, I had chills and fever all at the same time. Then nausea! Next thing I new, I was throwing up BIG TIME. Then, I felt 90% better almost immediately. 

Still, we felt nervous because we were supposed to be traveling by train at 7:00 the next morning on an 8 hour trip to Paris. Hubs decided to phone up SOS, just in case. They called us back and I told them that I was feeling much better. They said, "Call us if you need anything, we have doctor who can come to your hotel if need be." 

Hubs and I went to sleep, and I was feeling better, but still weak. I awoke in the middle of the night, though, with a really high fever. I walked to the bathroom and remembered thinking how awful I felt. As I walked back to bed, Hubs heard me moan, so he flipped on the light to see if I was okay. It was at that point that I passed out and collapsed in a pile on the floor. He ran over to help me and I woke up. Then I lost consciousness again for about five seconds with my eyes wide open!  Poor Hubs was so worried about me. Once I regained consciousness, he helped me back to the bed, and picked up the phone. Within a couple of hours, a doctor was in our hotel room.

Turns out I had the flu, fever, and was severely dehydrated. He gave me some meds and told me to drink lots and lots of liquids. By the grace of God, we were able to travel to Paris the next morning and enjoy the rest of our trip. The whole experience (scary as it was) showed me how good God was to bring me together with a man who thinks about things like traveler's health insurance (that would never have occurred to me). Not only his attention to planning and detail, but also his caring heart. He took such good care of me when I was sick.

"In sickness and in health..."  Thanks, love!


J at said...

I've never heard of travelers health insurance!!! Very groovy.

So glad that your flu didn't lay you out for the duration of your trip, and welcome back to the U.S. :) Enjoy NYC!

Cherry said...

Awww! What a good hubby. Like J, I've never heard of travelers health insurance. But perhaps that's because I haven't really traveled much.

I'm so glad you were able to continue your travels but so scary!

Autumn's Mom said...

Welcome back! He is definitely a gem. So sorry you were so sick. Like a good actress, the show must go on :)

alexis said...

how scary to be so sick - for both of you. but you have a sweet, sweet man to take care of you. you got a good one. i'm so glad that you recovered and could enjoy the rest of the trip. i can't wait to hear more about it!

Dana Cheryl said...

Welcome home! You surely are one incredibly blessed woman. I'm sure that comes from the fact that you are a blessing to so many others. I'm looking forward to photos but rest first!

Good to have ya'll back!

Saucy said...

He takes such good care of you! We're all glad. I can't imagine fainting away with eyes wide open... awful! He must have been scard sick.

You know, we are Canadian and we always take out travel health insurance, especially if we are going into the US, even only for a day or two. You just never know. I had to call a doctor to my hotel in Chicago once. It wasn't as dramatic as your situation, but we were glad to have insurance!