Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun with Focus

This past weekend, while I was staying at my Fairy Godmother's beautiful home, I spent some time in her backyard playing with the focus on my camera. One of the features I love about my new camera is it's ability to focus on one object in the frame and blur out the rest.  

For example, in this photo, I focused on the white bird house, while on the one below it, I focused on the pretty purple blooms in the foreground:

In this one, I gave the focus to the yellow flowers and the green leaves in the background, whereas in the one below it, the violet flower in the foreground got the attention:

And finally, I focus on twiggy branches in foreground and then in the background. I loved the juxtaposition of the leafless branches against the clear blue sky:


James said...

What sort of camera are you using?

Cherry said...

I ADORE photos with the whole in focus/not in focus aspects. I agree, one of my favorite parts of our cameras ;-)
I had figured out how to do this with my Canon Powershot, but now the DSLR gives so much more control with everything else.

My next experiments, lighting!

Autumn's Mom said...

I love the photos! It's so much fun taking pictures. You are pretty darn good missy.

Starshine said...


It's a Canon Rebel, and I love it!

Katie said...


Jennifer Disney said...

Look at you! Great job!

James said...

Very cool. I love the lens selection for the Canon family!