Sunday, January 25, 2009

San Diego Zoo!

In an effort to see as many of California's state gems as possible before we move to Texas, we made a trip down to the San Diego Zoo with our friends Jenn and Dave. It was so fun to get to visit a place that I've heard about my whole life. I really loved it and had so much fun taking pictures of the animals and the scenery.  It was a gorgeous So Cal day--sunny and clear--perfect for a day spent outdoors with friends!

For some reason, the whole time we were there, the theme song to Three's Company was going through my head!

Alexis, you were in my thoughts as I was walking through the zoo, since I know that you and your family adore the zoo. I couldn't believe it...just as we were about to walk out the zoo at the end of the day, an artist who was selling his work had this on his display:

The day closed with an absolutely gorgeous and huge full moon!


J at said...

"come and knock on our door...."

HA! I've only been to the SD Zoo once, in maybe 1986. My mom had a business trip, and took me with her. I loved the animals, the giraffes and elephants, but my mom had to laugh, because even at 20 years old, I was mostly mesmerized by the ducklings following their moms on the walkways. :) What can I say, I'm a cheap date.

Cherry said...

Drat! J beat me to it!

"...We've been waiting for you..."

I have never been to the SD Zoo before. In fact, I've only been to SD once and back then my $49 Southwest airfare was my one splurge and the admission cost was out of the question. Hopefully someday.

I'm so glad you guys are getting out to see some of California's sights before heading out.

Robyn :) said...

Okay, that is really funny, but did you know that the opening to Three's Company was filmed at the Los Angeles zoo? LOL

What are some other places you are planning on visiting?

Starshine said...


I didn't realize it was filmed at the LA Zoo until I found the video on YouTube!

Our next adventure will be skiing in the mountains of So Cal!

alexis said...

oh, my goodness! i LOVE it!

i wish i could have been there with you, but i'll settle for being there in spirit. the san diego zoo is somewhere we sould LOVE to go someday. we are indeed zoo connoisseurs!

Sarah and Tim said...

These are some gorgeous shots!