Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Night in Old San Antonio

The past week was San Antonio's annual Fiesta Week!  I grew up in SA, living there until I was 13 years old, so when I think of my childhood, I think of San Antonio. It has been 18 years since the last time I went to Fiesta there, but thanks to an old friend who invited my mom, Hubs and I for a visit, I got to experience it all over again.  This is my mom (on the left) with her dear friend Pat, who invited us to SA for the weekend.

Fiesta week culminates on Friday night with a big celebration in the streets of downtown called "A Night in Old San Antonio" (NIOSA). Droves of people came out to celebrate (including us)! 

NIOSA celebrates the culture of San Antonio--especially the Mexican culture that is such a big part of the texture of the city. Besides being packed with people, the streets are lined with booths decorated with bright, beautiful colors, selling everything kind of food you can imagine...

...including fajitas, burritos, and (yummmmm) churros!

One of the most fun parts of the fiesta celebration are cascarones!

Cascarones are empty egg shells filled with confetti. If you want to celebrate with someone, you crack one of those babies right on his head! I thought I'd be sneaky and indoctrinate Hubs with a cascaron to the head, but at the same time I was getting him covered with confetti, our friend Pat got me!

It was great fun, as you can see by the way I threw my head back laughing.

Yep, that would be me trying to get the confetti out my mouth that fell squarely in it when I threw my head back laughing.  :)

"Consider yourself indoctrinated!"

Here's another random shot of some girls who got an egg-full of confetti in their hair!

We had a great time. Many thanks to Pat for treating us to such a fun weekend!


J at said...

I just love that perm girlfriend.

I had forgotten about the eggs! When Cherry, Dot, Liz, and I all worked together, our client was SBC in SA. We used to go there sometimes for meetings, and definitely during Fiesta. Those who went always brought some eggs back with them, and our office was a big mess for the next few days, with cubicles littered with confetti. :) Happy Fiesta!

PS, I fixed the video on my blog. Thanks for the heads up!

Cherry said...

Thanks J! I knew I recognized those confetti eggs from somewhere!

Looks like such a good time. And totally special that you got to go with hubs AND your mom!

alexis said...

fun! also, did i mention that i love the curls? i'm biased, i know, but...still. you look too cute.

Anonymous said...

You look so spiffy - and identical to your Mom!!! wow! It's like a lovely glimpse into the future!
I enjoyed the photos of San Antonio - I hope to go there one day, but in the meantime it was nice of you to take us all along with you. xoxo the fan