Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad

I'm finally coming back from being knocked down by some kind of a viral respiratory thing.  It definitely felt like the flu with aches, chills, headache and fever, but I tested negative for the flu (which is a good thing!).  Now, I'm just dealing with chest congestion and fatigue. I'm sleeping a lot and napping, too.  Anyway, enough of those boring details!  I would like to say one more time, though, that Brian rocks and has been the most selfless, sweet caretaker I could ask for!

In other news, I thought I'd give a brief update on our settling in process. I'm still feeling really good about our move. Our transition to our new life here has been much easier than I ever expected. God has blessed us with some new friendships at our church, and that's been so great. Our church is really big (2600 members), so to help everyone have a smaller community to really get to know people, there are small groups that meet in homes throughout the week. We joined a small group called "Orphan's Hope".  All of the people in the small group either have an interest in orphans & adoption or they are adoptive or foster families. It has been the most amazing place of support as we have begun our adoption journey. One of the other families in our group is traveling to Ethiopia this summer to adopt a 2 year old girl, and another family in our group is adopting from Kazakhstan. I feel like we've landed right where God wants us! 

In case you're interested in what our adoption process will be like, I have written a post on our adoption blog detailing the process.

To take this in a different direction, today is my Dad's birthday--the first since he passed away. He would have been sixty-nine years old today.  He died ten days after his 68th birthday, so I'm kind of dreading the anniversary grief that I may be experiencing in the coming days. Although, I know it is natural, grieving is never easy.  I do find a lot of comfort, though, in knowing that my Dad is in Heaven, free from suffering and pain.  Happy Birthday, Dad!  I love you!  XOXO

Jill, Dad and Me - October 2005
Dad's arm was in a sling because he dislocated his shoulder roping a calf.  He loved playing cowboy!


Catherine said...

Happy birthday, Duane!! Glad you're feeling better, Tracy!

J at said...

I'm glad you're settling in well to your new home and community. :)

Also glad that whatever got you is leaving now, and you're on the road to recovery.

My mom's birthday was a few weeks ago, and as you know, her anniversary is coming up soon as well. I'm feeling stronger than I once was, but it's still not easy and fun. My thoughts are with you in your grief. Wish we lived closer...we could commiserate with a long walk or something. At least a hug. Consider yourself virtually hugged!

Tracy said...


Yes! A long walk and a hug would be great, but I'll definitely accept your virtual hug and send one right back to you!


C said...

Beautiful post, Tracy! I'm so glad the move went well and the settling in has been easier than you thought it would be.

It sounds like you and your hubby are very blessed. Also glad you're starting to feel better! I think I'm starting to come down with something now though! *sigh* Sadly, even if Mommy has the flu, the world (and Baby) doesn't stop! ;p

Robyn :) said...

Hey Tracy. I always enjoy reading your blog and I have enjoyed reading the new one as well :)

My dad passed away 18 years ago in June as well. 2 weeks before his birthday. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Dana Cheryl said...

First of all... Get well soon! Summer colds are the worst!! Secondly congrats on the decision to adopt. That is just so, so wonderful. My very first job was working for Social Services which included adoptions. It's been a goal of mine to adopt (internationally) for years. Just gotta find the guy first. lol! Have ya'll settled on Africa? Great friends of mine (former SBC missionaries) recently adopted a precious little girl from Ethiopia. Other friends are just starting their process. They're hoping to bring home two boys. I am so, so thrilled for ya'll. Big,huge congrats!

Also my heart is with you as you come upon this milestone of grief. I cannot imagine but the Lord knows. It's hard to really grasp that He's with us. Ya know right here beside us but He is as you know. I'll be praying that you feel Him is a very unique and personal way.

You're such a busy, busy girl! You rock!!

p.s. Love the pic. Ya'll have such truly sweet smiles. :)

Brad & Carrie said...

Do you know what agency those people in your small group are with? We know the names of the people that will be traveling at the same time as us to get our kids. While the grieving is always so hard, it's nice to be able rejoice that he's with Jesus. Hope your adoption stuff is going well. The paperwork does end, I promise!

Saucy said...

Thinking of you, hoping you are feeling better Starshine, and guess what? Your Dad is having a happy birthday today looking down on you! He's enjoying this exciting new phase of your life... and a little calf roping I bet.

J at said...

Wait...did your father die on Brian's birthday?

Tracy said...


No, my Dad died the day after Brian's birthday. So yesterday was one year. My sister and I decided to spend the day together, and I was glad we were together. It was actually a good day. We got to talk about our Dad, but it wasn't too sad. I had my own sad moment in the morning before I saw my sister, but it was just a moment of grief and it didn't last all day.

Thanks for checking in on me.