Friday, December 04, 2009

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

What an amazing day we had today! It snowed here! It broke a record today for being the earliest snow Houston has had on record. Cool, huh?! This was the view out my front door when it really started coming down:

Growing up in Texas where snow is as rare as tumbleweeds are in New York City, I just can't get enough of snow. My inner child just lights up, and I was gleefully jumping around the house. Then I pretty much just stared out the window, because I knew it wouldn't last forever. After a couple of hours, our lawn was covered in snow. Here's the backyard. I love the irony of palm trees and snow!

Some of our friends came over this evening with their kids. It was so much fun. We had a fire going in the fire place, our Christmas tree lights were on, music was playing, and our friends made Mayan hot chocolate. It was so fun and felt so Christmas-y!

It's going down into the 20s tonight. Brrrr! But so much fun!


The Moore Family said...

SOOO FUN! How exciting!!! :) Global warming, what?!! Enjoy that snow... I haven't seen my first snow yet and I'm so excited for it. Merry Christmas, Tracy!

J at said...

Wow! How wonderful. The last time we had snow here was 2001, and that was only in the neighboring hills. Didn't make it down where we are, but it was still pretty on the hillsides. Felt like we were in the Sierras. The last time we had snow at our elevation (which is about sea level) was 1975. I remember it was the year we moved back to California from Alaska, and I was feeling very homesick for snow and winter. It felt SO good, I remember dancing in the streets all the way to school. Where of course they just let us play outside as much as we wanted, because there's no controlling a group of kids who've never seen snow in their hometown before. :)

the fan said...

Oh, Tracy, you are so funny and so am I! I long for palm trees when it is the middle of Winter here (we pay big money to fly to the Southern States for a little warm sunshine). Would you like to house swap for a winter vacation when it a howling blizzard and -40 here and you can ski, toboggan, ski-doo and snow shoe and I can sit in your lovely backyard and enjoy your palm tree???
Enjoy the snow, my friend! xoxo

Tracy said...

Hello to THE FAN!

Yes! Let's do a house swap sometime! That sounds like so much fun! But only if Saucy leaves cupcakes on our pillows before bed each night! ;)


Cherry said...

Now that's something you wouldn't have seen in LA! YAY for moving home.

Like J said, the last time it snowed around here where it stuck was a long time ago (I was only 1) but my mom tells me of how they let the kids out of school so they could play in it before it melted away.

Sounds like you guys are having a great time and it sounds so wonderfully warm and Christmasy there.


Cherry said...

BTW - I can't wait to see pictures of your little one on that swing set :-)