Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Messina Hof: A Texas Vineyard and Winery

Who knew that in Bryan, TX there was a thriving winery? That's right, y'all--a little bit of Napa right here in the Lone Star State!

The parents of a good friend arranged a private wine tasting and tour for a group of us their friends. It was fun to see the vineyard, which still managed to be beautiful in its fruitless state.

The tasting was fun, mostly because it was served with some delicious cheeses. You may remember that as much as I want to appreciate and (dare I say it?) like wine, I just always seem to well, not like it. I always hope that a wine tasting will change my mind, or at the very least, introduce me to a wine that I'll fall in love with.

In truth, the list of wines I like is very short:

Lambrusco (My Spanish friends turned me onto this bubbly blush!)
White Zinfandel (My mother tells me that this shouldn't even be considered wine.)
Riesling (A nice, sweet white.)

Not a red wine in the bunch, but at least, if I'm out at a nice restaurant and I'm in the mood to have a glass of wine, I know of three I can order that I'll like. That is, if I don't just go with a Diet Coke. :)


Ana L said...

have you tried plum wine? I am not a big fan of wine either, but plum wine is sweet and reminds me of kool-aid (with a twist)

Tracy said...

Hi Ana,

No, I haven't heard of plum wine, but if it tastes like kool-aid, then it'll be right up my alley! Thanks for the recommendation!

J at said...

White Zin and Johannesburg Riesling were my introductions into wine, as they were the easiest to drink. Now I like drier wines, don't like the sweets. But I say, whatever floats your boat, you know? You want a margarita, or a diet coke? Who needs wine? ;)

Vineyards are beautiful in all their states (budding, full fruit, harvest, winter..). Glad you got to take a tour.

Sharon said...

You're mom is right about white zin. You probably would love dessert wines as well like port and moscat wines.

Cherry said...

Beringers White Zin was my first wine I could really stand. And boy did I drink it that one night having dinner with a boyfriend's family for the first time... ha.. in Texas of all places. I think I had 2-3 glasses and if you know me, 1 glass will easily have me giggling.

It was his father's favorite wine (and yes its more like alcohol laden juice). He was so excited we were coming from CA that he had us bring him many bottles of the stuff. It's cheap here!
I am always amused when people visit Napa and of all wines to take home with them, I've seen them box up that Whine Zin to take home.

I also think that wine tasting will change my mind about wines, but I have only graduated to certain whites. Jules turned me on to some I have enjoyed.
Reds mostly give me an instant headache and nasal congestion and who enjoys that?

Gewurtztraminer is another sweet white you might find do-able. Goes well with spicy foods like Indian and BBQ.

I totally want to go to Napa now to walk around some vineyards. They are so pretty and peaceful. Maybe we'll make a trip up there this Saturday since the rain seems to have passed. Can you believe its only a 30 minute drive from my house and I don't even really like wine? Good think I do like food and shopping!