Thursday, March 18, 2010

Texan Right of Passage

You're not a true Texan until you partake of the deliciousness that is Blue Bell Ice Cream. It has been a Texas tradition for over 100 years and is made in Brenham, TX. Apparently, it is now available in 19 states and has become the third best selling ice cream in the country.

But every Texan knows, "Blue Bell's the BEST ice cream in the country!"

Below is a news story if you'd like to learn more:


Dana Cheryl said...

I love, love, love Blue Bell!!! Everytime I'm in TX it's a must-have treat.

Cherry said...

Oh my! He is getting to be a big boy!
And man I want some ice cream now!

Sharon said...

What an ADORABLE little redhead!!!!

The Lefflers said...

he is beautiful, Tracy!