Sunday, April 04, 2010

Charleston: Day 6 -- Isle of Palms

Today has been my favorite day of the trip so far. After a leisurely morning of sleeping in, coffee and breakfast, we went for a walk on the beach at Isle of Palms.

Tonight, we made predictions (and wrote them down!) about what our lives will be like three years from now when we hope to meet up again. May calls it "Three by Three"--every three years the three of us will endeavor to get together. We stayed up late talking. It was a rich time of friendship. I was a little sad this morning realizing that in two more days we'll all go back to our separate corners of the world (one of us in TX, one in the Carolinas, and the other in Spain), but I am so thankful and so content to have these women as my dear, dear friends. I love them.

I hope you all have a very Happy Easter!


J at said...

It looks like you're having a wonderful vacation with your wonderful friends. And I'm glad you're getting so much travel time in now...once your baby (or babies) come, it will still happen, but it's just so much more complicated. So three years from now, maybe they'll come to you? And 6 years from now, you can go to Spain. :) Aren't you glad you have me to plan things for you?

Sharon said...

you look fabulous and make me want to do a girlfriends trip with my best friends! LOVE The shirt on the beach you are wearing - it's totally YOU!