Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Flag Day!

According to this Wikipedia article,
In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened that day by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that officially established June 14 as Flag Day; in August 1949, National Flag Day was established by an Act of Congress.

One of the things I really like about our neighborhood is that many of the families fly American flags in their front yards on national holidays (even our Canadian neighbors! Go Canada!). When I was in junior high school, I used to LOVE being assigned the duty of raising and lowering the American and Texan flags at the beginning and end of the school day. Today, as I put our flag up, the same feeling of patriotism and American pride washed over me!


Dana Cheryl said...

Tracy, I remember those days in school!!

It was the biggest reward to be assigned to raise the flag, lower the flag, recite the Pledge over the , or read a Bible verse during morning assembly. Even though I went to a public school in the late 1980's we still read scripture aloud every day during morning assembly right after reciting the pledge. Our principle said that he wanted to make sure every student of his had the opportunity to hear scripture at least once a day and that the school board could fire him if they didn't like it. They never fired him and every student heard at least one Bible verse everyday of his career. Such great memories!

I love hanging the flag out for the world to see. I love our country so much.

J at said...

Dang. I love hanging out our flag as well, and I actually DO mind seeing people who leave it up all of the time (not supposed to be out all night unless there is a light on it), and people who put them on their trucks or car antennas where they get all shredded. I respect my country, and my flag. Anyway, DANG, because I forgot to fly it on Flag Day, and we'll be in Oregon on vacation on the 4th of July. I flew it on Memorial Day. Guess the next time it gets to fly will be Labor Day, then Sept. 11th, then Veterans Day. :)