Tuesday, February 01, 2011

And just like that, the train done arrived!

You might remember that I wrote here that I was pondering a way to jump back on the vegan train. Well, folks, the train has arrived at the station!

I have spent the past month reading and familiarizing myself with the Crazy Sexy Diet, and today I'm kick starting a new lifestyle with a 21 day vegan cleanse. This cleanse involves drinking a lot of green juice and eating a lot of green veggies.

I've decided to chronicle my 21 day journey to a cleaner system on this blog. At the end of each day, I'll be answering 20 questions of accountability posed by Kris Carr, author of the CSD. And I'll also be writing about how I'm feeling during the cleanse.

Here are the 20 questions:

1. Did you abstain from coffee?
2. Did you abstain from alcohol?
3. Did you abstain from gluten?
4. Did you abstain from animal products?
5. Did you abstain from crack (aka sugar) and choose low-glycemic fruits and better alternatives such as stevia or agave?
6. Did you dry brush today? (Dry brushing is just what it sounds like...taking a special brush or loofa to your dry skin and brushing yourself from toe to nose!)
7. Did you clean your sinuses with the good ol' net pot?
8. Did you move your body for at least 35 minutes?
9. Did you meditate for fifteen to twenty minutes?
10. Did you chew your meals thoroughly and mindfully?
11. Did you laugh out loud and tell someone you loved him or her today?
12. Did you spend time in nature? Even five minutes is better than nothing.
13. Did you get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep?
14. What did you eat today and did you juice? Include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any in-between snacking--it may help to jot down meals and snacks throughout the day.
15. How much purified water did you consume? You can include fresh veggie juices in your calculation.
16. What supplements did you take?
17. How was your elimination?
18. What time did you stop eating? Three hours before bed is optimum.
19. How do you feel physically?
20. How do you feel emotionally?

Hop on the train and enjoy the ride with me for the next few weeks!

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J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I love #12, and I wish you luck with #13! HA!