Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So, it turned out to be a 14-15 day cleanse instead of the originally planned 21 days

I just couldn't do it anymore.

I started feeling like I wanted to cry at lunch today when I realized that raw veggies were the order of the day...again.

And I just couldn't bring myself to have yet another salad for dinner.

So we went to Red Robin for dinner, and I ordered a Garden Burger with pepper jack cheese (vegetarian, but not vegan) and it came with fries. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Before we left for dinner, I cried big tears because I felt like a failure for not finishing the 21 days. But then I had to give myself a pep talk and acknowledge that I pretty much rocked for 14 days, and a two week cleanse did my body good! I lost about 5 pounds and I do feel better in my body.

My thinking is that from here on out, I will be a vegetarian (not a strict vegan). I want my ice cream and cheese on occasion! And I might have meat from time to time. In talking about it with Brian, he told me that he could jump on board with being a family that eats mostly veggies, fruits, and grains, and that meat would be the side dish, not the main part of the meal. I'm not sure if I want to eat meat at all. I haven't missed it during this cleanse. I missed sugar much more! And tonight at Red Robin, I thought I would splurge on a burger, but the Garden Burger ended up appealing to me more, and it totally satisfied my appetite.

So, there you have it! Cleanse over! Woot!


J at said...

I'm just not a fan of diets. I'm not a fan of anything that limits our diets too much. Before there was so much junk food, I think we didn't have to consider this so much. But the mindset, the denial, is so much of a problem, and can really affect how our body reacts.

So I say, go for it. Eat your cheese and dairy. If you make a stir fry with meat, and your body craves some, eat it. If you don't, don't. My step mom doesn't like meat much, but when she gave it up entirely, her body gave her all kinds of problems, and she felt weak and woozy. She eats fish and chicken once or twice a week, and no red meat, and that suits her well. And quietly, between you and me, I think she's too quirky about food and maybe has a functional eating disorder. Like so many women in modern society. I think I can count on one hand the women I know who have a completely clean and honest relationship with food...and not many more men.

mom said...


No need to beat yourself up. Two weeks for the cleanse was great! I'm sure your body is thanking you. Even a 3 or 4 day cleanse every so often would be just fine. The name of the game is moderation. You have a lot "on your plate" and are doing a great job! Life shouldn't revolve around what goes in our mouths but in serving God through pouring out to our families and neighbors...and just look at you!

I love you.

Jill said...

A meal of raw veggies would make me cry too!!! Hooray for Blue Bell! : )

michiganme said...

I love that you started the cleanse and I love that you knew when to stop it. I don't think it is lack of will power, I think your body is trying to tell you something. Good for you for listening!

kmrf said...

Looking at what you did accomplish, is the right angle. Being the mother of two small boys, IMHO you need the carbs ;).

J at said...

OK, so you know how I feel about diets, but have you tried the '30 day shred' workout from Jillian Michaels? Just got it and tried it for 2 days, and I'm hooked. 20 minutes for a really good workout? Every mom's dream, esp with little kids in the house.

J at said...

Oh, and btw, I loved your mom's comment. Life is INDEED about SO much more than what goes into our mouths. Yay mom!