Saturday, February 26, 2011

Visit with Lexi = Fun! (not to mention new software tutorials!)

Well, my visit with Lexi was far too short, but so much fun! I feel so grateful to have had this reunion.  Here's Lexi hanging with J and Z!

Lexi works at the Genius Bar in an Apple store, and when she came to visit, she gifted me with a wonderful photo editing software program I've been wanting called "Aperture". And since she's a genius and all, she gave me a tutorial! YEA! Here is a photo I took of Jeremy before school a month or two ago:

In Aperture, I was able to go in and darken the edges, which draws the eye even more toward my handsome boy's cute face!

And here, I tried lightening around the edges, and I really liked the effect:

I can't wait to learn more about this cool program and see how it will transform my photos!

Thank you, Lexi, for coming to visit, for you friendship, and for this awesome gift!


grandma alice said...

Thank you to Lexi from me, too. This surely means that we'll be seeing even more adorable photos of our grandsons!

Aliaschick said...

I had a blast Trace! Can't wait to come down again and hopefully stay a little longer. :-)

J at said...

Fun! I love all that you're learning about the art of photography, which is growing way beyond just the skill of having a good eye. Which, by the way, you clearly have. Your pics are gorgeous!

Sharon said...

Aren't old friends GREAT!!!!

entertainment king said...

frnds are always gr8