Monday, September 19, 2011

Return: To Now (If that's even possible)

Yesterday, I had an audition for a holiday musical here in Houston. There were 40 actors there vying for 9 parts. Yikers!

As we all milled around waiting to sing and read for the director, I realized that with the exception of one other woman, I was the oldest female there! And even though that realization was a little unexpected, I was happy because I very content being one of the oldest of the bunch. It just felt good because I wasn't competing with the myriad of 20 somethings there for the "young" ingenue-type parts.

And it was nice, because I was very comfortable being right where I was, right when I was, at just the age I was.

In a culture that endlessly praises youth, it felt good to be happy in my 37 year old skin!  I got to read for a villainess character, which was super fun and wicked!

I don't know if I'll get cast, but as far as this post goes, that's not really the point.

I just wanted to say that it was rather sublime to feel fabulous "in the moment" of a situation that took me by surprise. The surprise being that there was absolutely no sense of longing to "go back" to an earlier, younger time. The wonder of the realization that "right now" is awesome!


kmrf said...

Good for you!
Honestly I would not trade my 20 something brain for my 35 year old brain for all the money in the world. I am so much happier now! But I sure do miss the metabolism.

The Busters said...

Such a good feeling!!

Aliaschick said...

I bet your voice was the best one there! Hope they recognize your talent and put you in their production! As always, your #1 Fan!

Sharon said...

"They" say a woman becomes comfortable in her own skin at 40. Sounds like you are already there. Would love to see you perform again. SO loved seeing you in some GREAT plays.

J at said...

That's great! Glad that you enjoyed the experience, and I hope that you get the part!