Monday, March 05, 2012

I'm Still Here

When I first started this blog, I bought the domain name "". I was just notified that my initial purchase of the domain name back in 2006 has expired, and that I can renew it for $35/year. It's just not worth it to me, especially because I really don't need a domain name! You can always find me right here at:

So here I am, and here I will be. If you've had me bookmarked before at the old domain address, you might want to create a new bookmark at the above link.

Thanks for being a faithful reader, especially considering that I rarely post here anymore!


Cherry said...

Ohh. I'd have a hard time letting go of a domain name, especially as you could justify it as a business expense and have it link to your photog site.
I've never been able to pick up the domain name I want and once you have a domain and you get traffic and then let it go...the bots will grab it and charge you a lot to get it back. Nasty bots.

Ha. funny thing, I never changed my subscriptions and bookmarks for your site from your blogspot URL. I'm old school like that.

J at said...

My link came right here. Hmmm. And it never stopped coming here...

$35 a YEAR? I wouldn't pay for that, either. Which makes me wonder how much Ted pays for ours? His subscription has up to 5 pages, I think. We keep our money mostly separate, which really works for us, and we NEVER fight about money. That's why I don't know, and probably won't ask, because if it's worth it to him, it's OK by me. :-)