Monday, February 20, 2006

My Happy Places

In this life, I have found that there are certain places that I never tire of visiting. They are places of fun, good times, and nearly always places of comfort. I call them my "Happy Places".

Since today is President's Day, some of us are working, and some are not. I figured that the half that is working would enjoy the following list of happy places as a nice escape from the daily grind. And the other half who are out on holiday today could use this as a list of ideas for somewhere to go today.

1.) Il Pastaficcio; Italian Restaurant; Zaragoza, Spain--Okay, it is probably a little far away for any of us to frequent today, but this was the original place termed my "Happy Place". After enduring bland Spanish food for days on end, I could always count on the warm atmosphere, handsome waiters, and delicious food of this golden nugget of a restaurant to cheer my countenance and my palate. Yummy.

2.) IKEA--Is this place the mothership or what? No matter how furnished your place is, a trip to IKEA can always give you an excuse to add something fun to your abode. Even if you don't buy, just walking through the place (or even flipping through the pages of their catalogue) is a total buzz-fest! The clean lines, reasonable prices, and fun designs will make your place look neat and Euro-chic! (Caution: Returning things at IKEA can be a total buzz-kill. Make sure that if you make an impulse buy that you carefully read the return policy first.)

3.) Santa Monica Beach--Most people in LA tell me that they love going to Venice Beach for a day in the sun. To me, a visit to Venice is like a visit to a wax museum...I'm glad I can say that I've been there, but I don't necessarily need to go back again. You've seen the freaks once. Do you really need a return trip to Scarytown? Once you have gotten the obligatory visit to Venice out of your system, and you are ready for a gorgeous expanse of beach, with pretty water, clean sand, and breath-takingly beautiful rows of palm trees, come out to Santa Monica beach. It has a more upscale vibe, and it's great from morning until dusk. I highly recommend a walk on the beach at sunset for a little soul-refreshment.

4.) Target--(Brings the most joy when pronounced with a French accent.) The best store with the best prices. If you enjoy bargain shopping, great buys can be found on the clearance racks. You may have to root through, but that's part of the excitement when you finally find that pearl you've been in search of for so long.

5.) Cafe Flore--My favorite little restaurant in Beverly Hills. I really like the lentil soup, the fresh fruit platter, the veggies julienne, and the raviolis. The artwork on the walls of the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge let you imagine, if only for a moment, that you are dining in Paris. Be sure to check out the ladies room when you go. It has the most adorable signs on the wall that read, "Ooo La La" and "It's all about moi"!


Jamie said...


Lincee passed on your link and I'm so happy to have the means to keep in touch. Your "reports" so far have tested all my emotions, but I'm left with the impression that you are happy and hopeful and most importantly, at peace. I'm glad I know you! Thanks again for the LA experience and keep "reporting"!


Anonymous said...

I'm devastated that the location for your spades anoymous meetings did not make the top 10.