Wednesday, March 15, 2006

When Botox Isn't An Option

My favorite section of any grocery or drug store is the cosmetics aisle. Rows and rows of possibilities. I expect that most of my male readers have already closed their web browsers by now, so girls…let’s get down to business and discuss our favorite cosmetic and hair products, shall we? To achieve the desired “look” I want when I’m needing to look like my inner 21 year old, here are the essentials:

For the hair: Chi Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron – This flat iron has the best reputation. Use with care, it gets HOT! The Chi gets my wavy locks stick straight when I’m wanting to channel Cher.

TIGI’s After Party – If I could only use one product on my hair (gasp!), this is the one I would choose (although cocktailing products does the best for my tresses). It eliminates frizz and adds shine. Use on wet or dry hair.

Skin Care: Mary Kay’s TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser and Age-Fighting Moisturizer – I have been using Mary Kay skin care products since high school, and I imagine I will for life. They are wonderful. On more than one occasion, I have referred to the moisturizer as “mother’s milk for the skin”—so nourishing!

Lips: Loreal Colour Juice. If you want your lips to look like glass and have a touch of color, this lip gloss is my favorite! It comes in a variety of colors. I’m partial to “watermelon crush”. Economically priced. On lazy days, when I just don’t feel like putting on makeup, a touch of Colour Juice adds some spice with zero effort.

Eyes: Mary Kay’s Charcoal Eyeliner and Lash Lengthening Mascara – The eyeliner goes on easily, and the mascara washes off easily. Both will make your eyes rival those of Cleopatra. Grrrr.

In the comments section, I’d be interested to hear about your favorite “secret weapon”. (Jeff G., if you post a reply to this, I will have serious concerns….)

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kate said...

Hmm. For the curly girl in me, I have to say John Frieda is the man. Anything from the frizz ease line can define my curls on free days, and straighten and beautify, the locks on more time allowanced day. (I like to make up words as seen above). Also, once straightened a very little bit of Aveda anti humectant is the only way to go. It takes away the look of frizz altogether, and makes it silky, with no dead ends,(even if you have them).

I love the loreal double extention mascara in blackest black. Not to be out of the house without it on. Some may not like the two step coverage, yet I have found no other mascara, dime store, to top lines that fills, extends, and lengthens quite as well. I am though, always open to try another one to see if can be beaten. I am a eye shadow junkie, and pearlized or shimmery the better at this point in fashionland. Lipsticks too.

I love the Arbonne skin care line. I know its a direct competitor of Mary Kay, which I did use from high school up until. I love the nutrimin line, and use primarily only 3 products, the cleanser, the toner, and the eye cream. I use their basic's normal to oily night and day moisterizer as well. Let me just say, I am 32, and once I started using the nutrimin line, I was carded every time I tried to buy wine in the stores. Never happened before. The proof is in the pudding.

Okay, thats all from the shallow side of me for now.