Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oh, the webs we weave...or...The Best Lie I Ever Told!

I flew home for the weekend to surprise my sister for her 30th birthday. It was a wonderful time that flew by too fast (my time at home always does). Much to my relief, my sister was truly surpised to see me there.

The problem that accompanies knowing about a surprise for such a long time is that you get comfortable with the secret and occasionally forget to keep it that way…secret! In an act of complete and utter carelessness, I copied my sister on an e-mail telling about an eInterest that called to ask me if he could pick me up from the airport on Monday. Bless my heart. Am I really that much of a bubble head? ‘Fraid so.

My sweet sister wrote me back saying: Okay, first of all I didn't know you were going out of town this weekend. What up? Where are you going? So much I'm missing out on. We need to catch up.

Imagine my horror when I saw THAT in my inbox. Thank the Good Lord that we weren’t on the phone! At least an e-mail response would give me an opportunity to formulate the best lie I’ve ever told: Crazy story...this has all transpired in the last 24 hours. Remember when I did that musical at that theatre in Utah? Well, I recently sent them an updated headshot and resume and they called and said that they want me to come out this weekend to audition for another show there! So I'm flying out after work on Friday to audition on Saturday and stay for callbacks on Sunday (hopefully I'll get one). I'm gonna stay with that sweet Christian family I met when I was in St. George, and fly back to LA on Monday. It's gonna be a total whirlwind, but at least it will end with a date!!! And hopefully, I'll get a show out of it! Wouldn't it be so much fun to work there again?

I love you,

I’m so pathological! As soon as I fire off that e-mail, I call both parents to inform them of the BLT (Best Lie I Ever Told), so that they will not freak out when Jill tells them that I’m going to Utah this weekend (and then have them think that I’m not really coming home). Mom and Dad are both informed. Mom tells me that she almost spilled the beans that morning, but made a smooth recovery.

My Dad and sister had made plans for Dad to drive over to have a birthday dinner with her on Friday night. Dad and I later planned that the two of us would meet up and then knock on her door together, and that’s how I would surprise her. The day before I fly home, I get this e-mail from Dad:

Tracy: This is too funny! Your sister is excited about her birthday as you know. She phoned yesterday about my arrival time and in further conversation I asked her if she wanted me to bring a special bottle of wine for her birthday dinner. She mentioned a few things and I said “well what about some Riesling Wine for you and Tracy”. She laughed and said “Dad, Tracy lives in Los Angeles not here.” I said “oh, I forgot that”. We laughed. It will make for a laugh when you show up with me.


Are we a family of airheads, or what? (Don’t comment on that!!!)

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Jilly said...

You said to not comment. So...No comment. : ) Thanks for coming home for my birthday. It was officially the best birthday I've ever had and in part because of the best lie ever told. Love you!